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What Happens When Amsterdam Maxes Out Its Bicycle Parking Spots? It Builds 40,000 More

Good, 11/23/15
bicycle parking mandatoryIn a city where it’s estimated there are more bikes (881,000) than people (811,000), and where cycling is believed to account for 40 percent of all traffic, infrastructure challenges are bound to arise. It’s no surprise, then, that Amsterdam has, for years, been struggling with the problem of bicycle overcrowding. There are, in many ways, more bikes in the city than the city has space for—particularly when it comes to finding a place to park. So what does a city like Amsterdam do in the face of a potential bike-pocalypse? It doubles down.

Bicycle lanes in LA’s mobility plan might be removed, planners say

Los Angeles Daily News, 11/25/15
Bicycle lanes proposed as part of Los Angeles’ recently adopted, long-range mobility plan could be nixed under proposed changes that planning officials say will be taken up by city policymakers early next year.

The bicycle may have triumphed over the car but it’s far from perfect

The Spectator, 11/28/15
Cycle Revolution is the very last exhibition at the original Design Museum in Butler’s Wharf before it moves ambitiously, perhaps overambitiously, to new premises in a repurposed Commonwealth Institute in Kensington. So there is something both autumnal and prospectus-like about it as an event. In this way, it provides an interesting opportunity to wonder about both the nature of design exhibitions in general and the status of the bicycle in particular.

Downtown Kansas City to add bicycle boxes to help keep cyclists safe

KHSB, 11/25/15
In downtown Kansas City, you might notice some new paint on the street near 11th and Main – paint that’s bright and green. It’s called a bicycle box, and it’s the first of its kind in the Kansas City area.

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cyclist-blaming (and other stories)

cyclist-blamingFive Cyclist-Blaming Headlines—And How to Reframe Them

Bicycling, 11/11/15
Follow enough bike news, and it won’t take long for you to notice a few concerning patterns in headlines about bike crashes. The word “accident” appears even when the driver is clearly at fault. A cyclist’s clothing or helmet choice is mentioned—though the driver’s DUI only appears in paragraph three. And then there’s the constant “car hits cyclist” refrain, which cloaks the fact that a human being was even at the wheel.

UCI co-funded research quantifies potential savings of a worldwide cycling culture

UCI, 11/12/15
The huge potential for cycling as a form of transport has been revealed thanks to research funded by the UCI. Getting more people cycling rather than driving could save up to 10% of global urban transport emissions of carbon dioxide and up to $25 trillion in the cost of infrastructure by 2050, the report found. UCI joined the European Cyclists’ Federation and the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association in commissioning the project, written by the University of California, Davis and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy.

How to reduce traffic congestion? Provide more walking, cycling areas

ABS-CBN News, 11/13/15
To solve Metro Manila’s traffic problems, an engineering professor is proposing simpler tasks like providing a suitable environment for walking and cycling. University of the Philippines (UP) Engineering Professor Jose Regin Regidor said the country definitely needs to build a mass transit system to ease congestion in the roads. Doing that, however, will take time, so the government must start with simpler solutions.

From Rotterdam to Tokyo: the world’s most hi-tech cycle parks

The Guardian, 11/14/15
For all those cyclists who leave their bike at the station only to spend the rest of the day worrying it will be stolen or vandalised, there may be hope in the form of a German-designed tower. “When you get to a train station these days, you see 150 metres of bikes. We need much more compact solutions,” says Nick Child, managing director of Cardok, which will distribute the Radhaus tower in Britain. (Radhaus is a pun on the German word Rad, which means bicycle, and Rathaus, which means city hall.) “We need much more compact solutions.”

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Bike News Review – 9/7/15

Feds to Traffic Engineers: Use Our Money to Build Protected Bike Lanes
StreetsBlog USA – 8/24/15
Last week, the agency released a “clarifying” document that shoots down, on the record, some of the common refrains people hear from their DOT when they ask for safer street designs. This is a good document to print out and take to the next public meeting where you expect a transportation engineer might try the old “my-hands-are-tied” routine.

6 Things to Do Before Sending Your Kids Back to School by Bike
Bicycling – 8/28/15
Before you send your beloved offspring out onto the streets for the first time, there are a few things about bike safety they should know. Here’s how to prepare your kids for back to school season on a bike.

“Share the Road” Signs Are Too Vague, Study Finds
Mental Floss
Vague traffic signs can be dangerous. A new study finds that when signs regarding bicyclists are not clear enough, drivers are less likely to respect the cyclists’ equal right to the road.

New Tool Lets You Request Bicycle Parking And Report Abandoned Bikes
Curbed Chicago – 8/21/2015
If you’re an avid bicyclist, you’ve probably been in a situation where you get to your destination but can’t find an open bike rack to lock up to. However, the city has a new website dedicated specifically for bicycle parking requests.

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Bike News Review – 9/28/14

Unclaimed bicycles pile up in police departments
Wisconsin Rapids Tribune – 9/28/14
Last week, a storage area kept by the Wisconsin Rapids Police Department had 34 bicycles in it. The bikes ranged from old and rusty to shiny and new. Each one was found by officers or turned in to police by someone who found it. The bicycles have something in common, Wisconsin Rapids Police Lt. Brian Krzykowski said. They all have serial numbers that weren’t registered with law enforcement. If the owners had gone through the process of getting a bicycle license for $5, law enforcement agencies would have been able to find the owners.

BART to triple Civic Center bike parking
SF Bay – 9/26/14
Bike parking in the Civic Center BART station will more than triple after transit officials awarded a $540,000 contract to LC General Engineering, Inc. to construct the new racks.


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Bike News Review – 10/31/13

Provo council sends bicycle plan back to TMAC
Daily Herald – 10/30/13
After two years of gathering information, listening to noted specialists and conducting public meetings, Provo councilman Sterling Beck and the Bicycle Master Plan Steering Committee said they hoped the time was right to pass the 200-page Bicycle Master Plan. The planning commission and the Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee said not yet.

Bicycle lot approved for Formula 1 race
KVUE – 10/29/13
Travis County Commissioners are hammering out plans to get people to and from the Formula 1 race in November. They’re making accommodations for fans on two wheels instead of four.

Japan’s National Bike to Work Ban
Tokyo by Bike – 10/28/13
Strict government policies regarding employee travel insurance, and inflexible insurance company policies, have created a situation where cycling to work is effectively banned in Japan. That’s right, bureaucracy is preventing people from cycling to work in Japan.


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