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Bike News Review – 11/12/13

Cycling Legalese: No Ticket, No Compensation?
Urban Velo – 11/12/13
A traffic ticket issued to a driver for causing a crash may aid a bicyclist’s personal injury case. But, failure of the police to ticket a driver will generally have no impact at all on the cyclist’s case.

Selling Biking: Bike Images That People Like
People for Bikes – 11/8/13
But what if most voters in those cities don’t experience streets as turf to be fought over? What if they see them, instead, as a part of city life that good design can improve for everyone? What if even people in those cities who rarely bike perceive images of protected bike lanes to be desirable? They do, a new survey suggests. Overwhelmingly.

Minnesota bicycle firm looks to set up shop in Lancaster County
Lancaster Online – 11/11/13
Sjoquist was part of a contingent from Quality Bicycle Products, or QBP, the Bloomington, Minn.-based company planning to build an East Coast distribution facility in East Hempfield Township. Construction of the 120,000-square-foot regional shipping center could begin in February, if all approvals are received according to schedule, said Dave Smith, site manager for “Q-East,” the QBP facility now in leased space near Middletown.

Is It O.K. to Kill Cyclists?
New York Times – 11/10/13
The anecdotes mounted: my wife’s childhood friend was cycling with Mom and Dad when a city truck killed her; two of my father’s law partners, maimed. I began noticing “cyclist killed” news articles, like one about Amelie Le Moullac, 24, pedaling inside a bike lane in San Francisco’s SOMA district when a truck turned right and killed her. In these articles, I found a recurring phrase: to quote from The San Francisco Chronicle story about Ms. Le Moullac, “The truck driver stayed at the scene and was not cited.”


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