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Bike News Review – 5/13/13

Bike designs by Milos Jovanovic
Bicycle Designs – 5/13/13
Two of the designs that I noticed recently are the ones featured here by Serbian designer Milos Jovanovic. Appropriately named, “Woody” is a wooden city bike which Milos says was “inspired by retro steel frame bicycles” (perhaps he is referring to the older “triple triangle” steel GT frames).
(The wooden bike is cool enough, but the second one is the one that gets my heard racing. – Tom)

Avvo Issues Legal Guides to Encourage Bicycle Advocacy
Herald Online – 5/13/13
In recognition of National Bike Month and Bike to Work Week (May 13-17), Avvo, Inc., the web’s largest expert-only legal Q&A forum, directory and legal marketplace (, today released a set of legal guides related to bicycle advocacy. To aid consumers in better understanding the rules of the road, while encouraging people to go outdoors and get healthy

New York City puts brakes on ‘dangerous’ e-bikes
Bicycle Retailer – 5/13/13
The New York City Council has cracked down on e-bikes in a move intended to discourage restaurant delivery cyclists who have angered residents by speeding against traffic or zooming down sidewalks.
(OK, e-bikes need to be regulated, but just banning them outright? That’s just stupid and lazy. – Tom)

In Severn, BMX bicycle racing for young and old
Baltimore Sun – 5/10/13
On a spring night at Chesapeake BMX in Severn, the pursuit of the night was speed. With the smell of hamburgers grilling in the air, brother helped brother, father helped sons and even a grandmother helped her granddaughter, all in the pursuit of pedal power. This wasn’t about the jumps or tricks, like the X Games. It was about the shrieks of children as young as two, and the panting of adults as old as 57 as they raced bicycles on a 1180-foot dirt and asphalt course.


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