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Bike News Review – 5/29/14

Oshkosh makes more bicycle connections
Post Crescent – 5/28/14
With the addition of the Tribal Heritage Crossing, the city has completed one step in creating that system. Using a series of trails, cyclists, runners and pedestrians are able to travel from downtown to U.S. 41 where they can then cross Lake Butte des Morts using the newly constructed trail.

City introduces new seven-mile-long bicycle loop
KUSI – 5/27/14
The loop runs through San Diego’s major attractions, connecting cyclists to the heart of downtown. The loop runs through Little Italy and past the Convention Center on the bayfront. It circles past City College into Balboa Park before rolling into Banker’s Hill and into the Gaslamp Quarter.

Bicycle Scofflaw Crackdown Comes to Upper West Side
NY1 – 5/27/14
Police on the Upper West Side are not just cracking down on lawbreaking motorists — now they’re going after cyclists too. The NYPD says 38 tickets were handed out to bicyclists between April 21 and May 18, up from 17 during the same period last year. Riders were cited for running red lights and going against the traffic.


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Bike News Review – 4/23/14

New SFMTA budget a qualified win for bicycle infrastructure
SF Gate – 4/22/14
Spending on bike infrastructure plays, in debates about San Francisco’s budget, a role similar to the National Endowment for the Arts in debates about the federal budget: it is hugely and deeply important to many people, opponents like to rail against it as an outrageous extravagance, and it is, for anyone who cares to look at the actual numbers, a very tiny, tiny amount. Right now, the SFMTA spends around 1% of its budget for street and transit improvements on bike infrastructure each year. As the SF Bicycle Coalition has been pointedly reminding San Franciscans, this is less than the SFMTA spends annually on office supplies.

Bicycle replaces motor vehicle for one Fix50 commuter
Sacramento Bee – 4/22/14
Joe Small decided to ride his bike to work at Sacramento State rather than tackle his usual commute by car from Yolo County, an adjustment meant to get around the effects of the Fix50 project.

New Bicycle Trails at Heart of Transit Changes
Daily News – 4/22/14
Construction on the Hampline that connects the bike gate plaza on Overton Park’s western edge to the Tillman Street terminus of the Shelby Farms Greenline continues. But enough of the work before paving had been completed that dozens of bicyclists were able to use the first section on the other side of East Parkway Saturday in their ride to Shelby Farms Park after a victory lap around the trails in Overton Park.

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Bike News Review – 9/21/13

New Resolution to Reduce Bike Theft in SF
SF Bike Coalition – 9/20/13
Great news for the huge and growing number of people biking in San Francisco… Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors’ Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee passed a resolution designed to cut bike theft in San Francisco in half and increase bicycle parking in the city by 33%.

Foley awarded grant to extend bicycle paths – 9/20/13
With a new federal grant of almost $335,000, city officials plan to extend bicycle and walking paths to the Graham Creek Nature Preserve in the next step to linking Mobile Bay and the Gulf beaches with trails.

NICA adds high school race league in Georgia
Bicycle Retailer – 9/19/13
NICA is expanding its high school mountain bike racing league into Georgia. The Peach State joins nine other NICA leagues — Southern California, Northern California, Colorado, Utah, Texas, New York, Minnesota, Arizona and Tennessee. NICA has 3,000 high students and 900 coaches under its program. It puts on about 50 races a year.

Two (motorised) wheels better
The Economist – 9/19/13
for all the hype over the latest rugged mountain bike, the whirr of electrically assisted wheels is clearly audible. Although electric cars have struggled to gain purchase (their sticker price is unalluring and they stop dead if not recharged), sales of cycles using batteries to augment a rider’s own efforts are growing quickly. Faster ones with more sophisticated electronic controls, a bit like those popular in China, may also be gaining ground.


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Bike News Review – 5/15/13

Iowa DOT Offers Websites on Byways and Bicycle Trails
KCRG – 5/15/13
The state Department of Transportation says the sites will help visitors explore Iowa’s two national scenic byways and nine state scenic and heritage byways. Many bicycle trails crisscross and complement the byways. The byways site includes route descriptions, history, contact information and a listing of local attractions and events. The site lets visitors plan, map, save notes and send an electronic postcard.

Introducing the Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame
Urban Velo – 5/15/13
It’s been in the works behind the scenes for a while but today the Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame officially launches and begins the search for both artifacts and inductees.

Artworks unveils bicycle art show – 5/15/13
Artworks is celebrating Trenton Cycling Revolution’s 17th annual bike tour with a new exhibit on display until June 13. Unchained — The Art of the Bicycle celebrates the bike tour, which is scheduled for Saturday May 18. Artwork on display includes depictions of bicycles and bicycle culture and objects made out of bicycle parts.

Every month is Bicycle Month in California
Contra Costa Times – 5/14/13
If there was any doubt about the ubiquity of bicycles in California, it was put to rest this month. The state Department of Motor Vehicles, which, as the name suggests, oversees motorized transportation, has unveiled a website dedicated solely to bicycle safety. Pedal power has officially become a force too large to ignore.



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