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Bike News Review – 4/21/14

Vintage bicycle exhibit rolls into Fort Wayne Museum of Art
News-Sentinel – 4/18/14
The Fort Wayne Museum of Art believes in taking an expansive view of what is “art,” and that’s why it’s opening an exhibit of vintage bicycles Saturday.

Police Bicycle Patrols Cutting Crime In Neighborhoods
CBS Chicago – 4/18/14
Bicycles aren’t just a fun way to get around this time of year, they’re also an effective crime-fighting tool, according to Chicago police. Because of that, more than a hundred officers are taking bikes for a spin in some of Chicago’s most violent areas.

Colorado county creates new bike-traffic measuring system
Bicycle Retailer – 4/18/14
Boulder County, Colo., has tweeked its vehicle traffic counters — the black tubes across traffic lanes seen across the country — to make them better able to distinguish bicycle traffic from other vehicles. The modified system, which county officials are presenting to colleagues nationally, helps the county get more affordable and more accurate figures; the data is used in part to measure how modified bike facilities on shared roads affect bike traffic levels.

Wilmington OKs pedestrian, bicycle-oriented projects
Star News – 4/18/14
The Wilmington City Council recently approved four separate pedestrian and bicycle-oriented improvement projects that will total a $1.89 million investment. Because much of the money is coming from the N.C. Department of Transportation, the city will only have to pay a fraction of the cost.


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