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Bicycle Tourism, in Cleveland?

Proposed bicycle route could stoke local tourism

The Cleveland Daily Banner, 1/8/16

tourismIf U.S. Bicycle Route 21 receives official status, bicycle tourism could be coming to Cleveland from as far away as Lexington, Ky., and Atlanta.

The proposed route would run from Atlanta to Kentucky with about 241 miles of the route in Tennessee. There are 42 miles of the route within Bradley and McMinn counties. In Cleveland, 19 miles of existing roads and the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway are used to guide cyclists from McDonald Road through downtown to Sequoia Road.

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Another project that has more hope than reality. I wish them well.

Unlike the German bikebahn U.S. Bike routes do not depend on trails built for bikes alone. These routes are mostly made up of regular roads with some accommodation for bikes. Sometimes just a well-kept shoulder. Not perfect, but it’s several steps in the right direction.

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Cycling and Depression and other happy thoughts

Cycling and depression: can riding help beat the ‘black dog’?

cycling and depressionCycling Tips, 11/17/15
For those with depression, it is best described as being in a deep, dark hole with no way out. It feels as though you are letting everyone down and there is nothing that can be done. You want to climb the walls, but a search for the motivation to start climbing leaves you feeling empty. The gradual greying out of all that matters leaves the depressed person feeling nothing. Just despair.

Cycle tourism becomes popular in Mustang

Kathmandu Post, 11/17/15
Cycling has become an attractive activity among tourists in Mustang district. It is not only the fuel shortage that has encouraged visitors to take to cycling; the lower part of the district, in particular, offers excellent terrain and stunning scenery for adventure seekers.

Collegiate cycling goes varsity

Velonews, 11/17/15
Collegiate nationals will remove its long-standing division I and division II categories in favor of varsity and club races beginning at mountain bike nationals in the fall of 2016, USA Cycling announced Tuesday. The change comes following a rapid bloom in collegiate varsity programs — led by schools like Fort Lewis College, Marian University, and Lees McRae — over the last decade, and is a result of the increasing gulf in resources between these well-funded programs and the club teams upon which collegiate cycling was originally built.

Tighter rules for e-bicycles from Dec 1: LTA

Channel News Asia, 11/19/15
The Land Transport Authority says devices must weigh no more than 20kg and be aligned to the  European Standard EN15194. It is also introducing bigger fines for those using non-compliant power-assisted bikes with immediate effect.

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The Task Force Commeth (and other news)

Public Comment on Proposed ‘Bicycle System Task Force’

KOWB, 9/26/15
The draft legislation would direct the Governor to appoint a “bicycle system task force” composed of 7-9 members.  The task force would include representatives from the Department of Transportation; local government; the Wyoming Office of Tourism/Wyoming Tourism Board; a tourism-related business; a bicycle advocacy group; the Wyoming Business Council; and the State Epidemiologist, Dr. Tracy Murphy.  The Governor would appoint the task force chairman.

Bloomington to put up new bicycle signs

WJBC, 9/27/15
The city is working with the Friends of the Constitution Trail to put up the signs throughout the community to serve as connection points at the end of the Constitution trail at Indianapolis and Croxton, and at Lincoln and Clayton.

A Leitra velomobile redesign by Kuba Szankowski

Bicycle Design, 9/29/15
A Leitra velomobile redesign by Kuba SzankowskiFor his final project in Mechanical Engineering at the Danish Technical University, Israeli born Danish citizen Kuba Szankowski designed a velomobile based on the classic Leitra design. He worked closely on the project with Carl Georg Rasmussen of Leitra, who “at eighty years young still builds and maintains all the velomobiles, as well as most any other aspect of the business himself.”  Prior to earning his degree, Kuba had worked as a bicycle mechanic and as an advocate for bicycle transportation in Jerusalem, so he wanted to build on those experiences and create a design that would introduce human powered transportation to a wider audience.



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Bike News Review – 8/7/14

Arcata Bike Sting! or: Just Because A Bicycle is Unsecured Doesn’t Mean You Can Take It, Bro
Lost Coast Outpost – 8/5/14
The City of Arcata and specifically the Downtown area, have seen a significant number of bicycle thefts during the day time hours. In an attempt to proactively combat this on going problem, on 08/05/2014 the Arcata Police Department conducted a “Bicycle Sting” operation in the Downtown area. A bicycle was left unsecured in an identified high crime location. Officers then conducted surveillance on the bicycle.

The Louisiana Liberty Bill of 1890
New Orleans Cycling History – 7/19/14
Signed by Governor Francis T Nicholls on June 13, 1890, House Bill No. 81, also known as the Louisiana Liberty Bill, granted all bicycles and tricycles and other foot or hand operated vehicles full rights to public roads.

Transportation Ballot Measure Fails to Balance Transportation Needs
SF Weekly – 8/1/14
A bunch of people have collected 17,500 signatures to push an initiative onto the November ballot dubbed Restore Transportation Balance in San Francisco. You’d assume with a name like, the measure might actually address balancing transportation needs of the city’s population. Then again, you might also assume the Tea Party is about tea.

Bicycle tourism has big impact on state economy
Ravalli Republic – 7/30/14
The Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research recently published a study estimating that 565,372 cyclists rode through Montana in 2012. On average, those cyclists spent 8.8 nights in the state and spent more than $75 per day, for a total of $377 million spent by touring cyclists in Montana in 2012.

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Bike News Review – 5/2/14

Cycle touring in Mexico
Bike Commuters – 5/2/14
Cycling in Mexico is an amazing way to navigate the country. For cyclists who are wary of the trials and tribulations of a trip deep into South America, Mexico presents the perfect option; exotic but not too exotic, a comfortable range between first world amenities and new world adventure.

New bicycle lanes to be added on College Station Road
Red & Black – 4/28/14
The year-long project will consist of 1.1 miles of five feet wide bicycle lanes on both sides of the road, which will be widened on one side to accommodate for the addition of five foot wide sidewalks. Bike lanes currently exist along College Station Road between East Campus Road and Research Road, but stop at a narrow bridge where cyclists must merge with traffic.

Somerville to get federal money to reduce bicycle crashes
Wicked Local – 4/28/14
The state Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness and Enforcement Program will provide a total of $461,851 in federal highway safety funding to support partnerships with Regional Planning Agencies, local officials and police departments in the 12 communities statewide, with additional communities to be included in future years, according to a press release. The initial 12 communities were identified based upon several factors, including the highest number of reported non-motorist crashes per capita and high proportion of trips made by bicycles and walking.


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