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Bicycle Technology Programs Gain Speed in High Schools

USNews, 9/21/15
At some high schools, teens are learning the ins and outs of one very affordable mode of transportation: bicycles. The programs, in which teens learn how to fix and maintain bikes, as well as explore career opportunities in the cycling industry, have popped up at schools nationwide.

San Francisco Ordinance Would Allow Rolling Bicycle Stops

SF Bay Area, 9/22/15
The so-called “bike yield law” would make enforcement the law requiring bicyclist to fully stop at stop signs the lowest priority. Bicyclists would be able to essentially treat stop signs as yield signs if no vehicles or pedestrians are at the intersection.

Governor Brown Signs Law Allowing Bicycle Ticket Diversion Programs

StreetsBlog California, 9/22/15
A new law just signed by Governor Jerry Brown will make it possible for bicyclists who are ticketed for certain infractions to attend a class on safe bicycle riding and thus reduce their fines. “When a bicyclist is ticketed for a moving violation in California, they by default receive the same monetary fine as when driving a motor vehicle. This means that with court fees added a stop sign violation can cost around $200, and running a red light around $400,” explained Bloom.

Don’t go that way! When cyclists go AWOL

Cycling Weekly, 9/22/15
Away from public mishaps with slip roads and confusing signage, some pros take wrong turns too. Most entertaining of these incidents are those that occur in a race situation. However, some riders also manage to get lost when training or transferring between stages at a race.

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