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Bicycle Taxi Riders Complain of Excessive Charge
Burundi bicycle taxi

“The number plate price is too expensive for us to afford,” said one of the bicycle-taxi riders who asked not to be named.

Bicycle taxi riders in Bujumbura are complaining about the price set by the city’s mayor for the purchase of their number plates. Bujumbura’s mayor has decided that every bicycle-taxi must buy a number plate for BIF 7500 before December 20th 2016.


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The far east’s answer to the windowless van?

bodybagSeriously, would accept a ride in that thing if you were sober? I’m all for adventure and stuff but I wonder if those aren’t ether stains.

OK, functional paranoia aside, if you leave the canvas curtain open this is a cool bike. I can’t picture a better bike for any sort of non-serious group bike ride.

Unfortunately it’s local pickup only and it’s in Chickasha Oklahoma so I’m not able to bid on it. The opening bid is $200 but there’s no reserve so it’s easliy worth that much. Or maybe it would be if it wasn’t in Oklahoma.

See the full listing on eBay

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