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Bike News Review – 1/3/13

BMX Sidehacks
Bike Hugger – 1/3/13
The BMX Sidehack, aka sidecar. These mutants were birthed during the Old School Era of BMX, they largely disappeared except for some isolated cultural pockets in southern California and strangely sports clubs in Europe…kinda like the mullet haircut.

Preventing Bicycle Theft: Tips Every Cyclist Should Know
SF Weekly – 1/2/13
Bike theft is a constant problem in San Francisco, and while more and more people are traveling and commuting by bike, many of them still don’t know how to lock their bikes safely and securely. According to the SFPD, bicycle thefts are “crimes of opportunity,” and “a thief’s worst enemies are time, light, and noise.” This means that if you are knowledgeable, aware, and prepared for locking your bike safely and correctly, you’ll never have to worry about losing it.

U-I bicycle simulator used to study bike safety for kids
Radio Iowa – 1/2/13
Dr. Jodie Plumert is co-director of the sophisticated virtual environment which is used to study how children make decisions in heavy traffic without being at risk.

Two bike designers ahead of their times
Bicycle Design – 1/3/13
I first saw the news on Bike Biz that engineer and inventor Dr. Alex Moulton passed away this week at the age of 92. For any of you who aren’t familiar with his work, Dr. Moulton pioneered the small wheel bicycle in the early 1960s with the launch of his first full suspension bicycles.



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