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The Bicycling Economy and other new realities

Cities, States Recognizing Bicycling’s Big Economic Potential

Huffington Post, 11/30/15
Tourism officials and cycling advocates sometimes refer to tourists on bicycles as “wallets on wheels.” That’s because they stay longer in a state and spend more per day than other tourists. Oregon, for example, has found that bicycle tourism contributes $400 million a year to its economy—roughly $1.1 million a day. It was the first state to create a Bike Friendly Business Program that helps businesses market to bicycle tourists.

City Council considering bicycle-safety task force

AM New York, 12/1/15
The City Council is considering the creation of a bicycle-safety task force, which would tackle issues that include cyclist-pedestrian crashes, electric motors and bicycle lanes. Legislation would require at least ten public hearings on bike safety issues around the city over two years, and include every borough.

Helsinki’s bicycle highway and other great innovations to build healthier cities

Vox, 12/2/15
Snaking through the city core, the Baana — or “fast lane” — is a converted railway track. On foot or bicycle, I could safely and easily access many key points in Helsinki without breathing in exhaust from cars or worrying about getting crushed under a truck. And if I so desired, I could even stop for a basketball or table tennis game at designated outdoor courts along the way.

Grants for Bicycle Transportation

CBS 2 Iowa, 12/5/15
Central Iowa is making a push for bicycle transportation, using a new round of grant dollars. New plans include bicycle parking spaces and lanes in central Iowa communities.

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Bike News Review – 11/25/13

Short cut is city’s first bicycle boulevard
Post-Gazette – 11/22/13
Pittsburgh now has its first bicycle boulevard — a street on which bicycles have priority over other vehicular traffic — and it is … (drum roll) … Gold Way in Polish Hill. Gold Way is an obscure little road unless you’re one of the hundreds of drivers and cyclists who use it to get stealthily from Polish Hill to Oakland.

Tucsonans take on bicycle, pedestrian safety

Arizona Daily Star – 11/22/13
The record number of pedestrian deaths in the Tucson area — 21 so far this year — along with the steady drumbeat of bicycle collisions show now is the time to take action. If Tucson and Arizona are to keep their place as havens for bicyclists — a reputation underlined by the arrival of 8,600 cyclists for El Tour de Tucson this weekend — the body count must come down.

Behind the scenes at Divvy headquarters

Red Eye Chicago – 11/12/13
There are no signs or banners on this nondescript industrial warehouse in West Town to indicate that the 18,000-square-foot structure is headquarters for what could soon become the largest commuter cycling system in the country.


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Bike News Review – 10/16/13

Myrtle Beach subcommittee works to address bicycle, pedestrian safety
Myrtle Beach Online – 10/15/13
Bicyclists and pedestrians could eventually begin to see safer roads and sidewalks in Myrtle Beach if a new city committee is successful. The newly formed Planning Commission Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee had its first meeting Tuesday to share concerns and begin to lay out goals toward creating the city’s first master plan for bicyclists and pedestrians in the city.

BitLock offers a bring-your-own-bicycle approach to bike sharing
engadget – 10/15/13
Unless you’re an enraged motorist, there’s plenty of good to be found in the current push for big city bike sharing programs. BitLock is certainly in keeping with the spirit of such initiatives, albeit on a much more localized scale. The proposed product is essentially a standard bike U-lock that communicates with Android and iOS devices — get within proximity and click the unlock button on an approved handset and the BitLock opens up for you. The device is, thankfully, weather-resistant and has a battery that should last up to five years, according to claims (and you’ll get a notification on your phone when it’s finally ready to shuffle off this mortal coil).

Amtrak tests bicycle roll-on service on Capitol Limited route between Pittsburgh and D.C.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – 10/15/13
Linda McKenna Boxx said she has been trying for more than a decade to get Amtrak to improve accommodations for bicycles on its Pittsburgh-to-Washington, D.C., trains, which closely follow the trails that connect the two cities. On Tuesday, that goal moved a step closer to reality, when Amtrak allowed 20 bicyclists to take their two-wheelers onto the Capitol Limited train in Pittsburgh in a one-day trial of roll-on service.

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Bike News Review – 9/11/13


Bait Bikes Part Of Effort To Crack Down On Sacramento Bicycle Thefts
CBS Sacramento – 9/9/13
Sacramento Police are cracking down on the rash of bicycle thefts in Midtown. The Handle District recently bought two bait bikes. They look just like other bikes, but are equipped with GPS locators. The bikes are locked at various spots around Midtown, and police officers are alerted when they are moved.

Traffic officers reach out to bicycle community
Daily Breeze – 9/3/13
Officers met with cyclists, and gave them a presentation on ways they can safely share the road with cars, talked about some of the risky areas to bike in the Valley and got feedback on ways they could reach out to more in the cycling community.

Judge rules on bicyclists’ right to road
Gazettenet – 9/4/13
State traffic laws require bicyclists to “give way to the right in favor of the overtaking vehicle” and prohibits bicyclists from “unnecessarily” obstructing “the normal movement of traffic,” according to Neiman’s ruling. Motorists may only pass bicyclists at a safe distance when passing within the same lane or they must wait until a safe opportunity to pass by using all or part of an adjacent lane.


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Bike News Review – 8/9/13

Federal Highway Administration Explores Separated Bikeways
Urban Velo – 8/9/13
The Federal Highway Administration has expressed a newfound interest in developing separated bikeways, aka cycle tracks. The agency, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, has circulated a task order proposal request to several contractors in an effort to launch a collaborative study on the design and safety of cycle tracks within varied settings.

Bicycle safety a two-way street
The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle – 8/8/13
The breeze, the freedom, the endorphins. The rules. Many people enjoy cycling as a way to experience the outdoors while getting their exercise, but if they do not follow the rules of the road, they may not have a body with which to cycle.

APD Hopes Bicycle Registration Will Recover Stolen Bikes
KEYE TV – 8/7/13
Now Austinites can register their bicycles, just like they register their vehicles.APD says nearly 200 bikes have been reported stolen from Downtown Austin, this year alone. More than half of people who have their bicycle stolen do not have a record of the serial number.

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