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How to Register Your Bicycle in Japan

Japan Info, 9/29/15
When riding a bicycle in a big Japanese city like Tokyo, you need to register your bicycle. Yes, that’s right, you have to treat it like a car in order to be in accordance with the law. But no need to panic, the registration process is a piece of cake.

New Phoenix signs warn wrong-way bicycle riders

KPHO. 9/30/15
While it’s not illegal to ride your bike against traffic on a sidewalk in the city of Phoenix, traffic engineer Kerry Wilcoxon says it’s not always safe. But, an even bigger safety concern is people who ride against traffic on city streets, which violates state law.

For D.C. Second-Graders, It’s All About The Bikes

NPR, 10/3/15
Decked out in blue helmets, hair nets (for lice protection) and bright orange mesh vests, their eyes shift impatiently between their phys-ed teacher and the racks of shiny new BMX bikes behind him.

Fighting Resistance, a Mayor Strives to Ease Gridlock in a Brazilian Megacity

NY Times, 10/4/15
The mayor, Fernando Haddad, a 52-year-old scholar with a doctorate in philosophy, has carried out the equivalent of urban shock treatment in an effort to ease São Paulo’s congestion. His efforts have unleashed a fierce debate over mobility, the use of public spaces and the limits of political power in a metropolitan area with 20 million people.



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Bike News Review – 2/16/14

Historical Society to discuss how bicycles shaped the early 20th century – 2/13/14
In 1963, Hugh Shuffleton Jr. reminisced about his school boy days in Pittville, Shasta County, and wrote “at the end of the summer of 1899, I traded my saddle for the finest and most speedy transportation of the day, a bicycle.”

Scott Sports aims to get bikes to kids who want to race in Utah
Bicycle Retailer – 2/13/14
Scott has created a purchase plan for high school athletes that allows them to buy bikes at a discount and get a free helmet and shoes. “Plus we are setting up a loaner program that will allow under privileged or low income kids to borrow a bike with the option to purchase later in the season.”

Tampa Police urge bike registration after increase in thefts
ABC Action News – 2/13/14
The number of reported stolen bikes in the city has risen over the last several years, causing some officers to step up their efforts to educate the public on how to secure their bicycles


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Bike News Review – 2/6/14

Fat bikes – don’t call it a fad
Bicycle Times – 2/3/14
There was a common theme during this year’s Global Fat Bike Summit in Ogden, Utah: fat biking is not a fad. Many statements in Summit presentations were preceded with, “I used to think differently about fat bikes, until I tried one.” The Summit provided the opportunity to throw a leg over the industry’s finest products for the uninitiated to the disciple.

Bicycle manufacturing increases in Indian state of Punjab
Global Times – 2/3/14
Bicycle manufacturing in India’s northern state of Punjab is on the rise. According to the latest figures provided by industry sources, around 50,000 bicycles are manufactured every day in Ludhina City alone. The city has around 4,000 small, medium and big enterprises that are associated with the manufacturing of bicycles and bicycle parts. Industry sources said that around 300,000 people in the city are dependent for their livelihood from bicycle manufacturing and trading.

Bicycle registration is now available through the Menlo Park Police Department
In Menlo – 2/2/14
Bicycle registration is a new program being offered this year by the Menlo Park Police Department, allowing residents to record their bicycle’s identifying information in a secure and private way. If a bicycle is lost or stolen, the MPPD has the information on file to add it to the statewide stolen property database. If it’s located anywhere in the state of California, it can be identified.


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Bike News Review

Icon branches out into electric bicycles with new E-Flyer
Autoblog – 11/5/13
What we’re looking at is the Icon E-Flyer, the Californian company’s new electric bike. It’s inspired by early World War I-era board racers, but packs a 3,500-Watt electric motor and 52v battery. Limited to 750 Watts for the road, it’ll carry you for 35 miles on a two-hour charge. It’ll top out at 36 miles per hour derestricted, but is limited to 20 mph for the road.
(The first e-Bike I could imagine Marlon Brando riding. – Tom)

New Poll Finds Strong Support for More, Better Biking in San Francisco
SF Bicycle Coalition – 11/4/13
Results of a new independent poll of San Francisco voters, conducted by David Binder Research and released today, show strong support for City leaders to encourage more biking in San Francisco, including expanding the nascent Bike Share system, adding more physically separated bikeways to increase safety, and ensuring bicycling is comfortable and safe for residents of all ages.

Let My Bicycle Go
NY Times – 11/4/13
This summer I bicycled into Manhattan from Brooklyn to meet a friend at the Soho House, and when I came out to unlock my bike and go home, I found that someone had locked their bicycle to mine.

Gainesville Police now offers online bicycle registration
The Independent Florida Alligator – 11/1/13
Theft is the No. 1 crime problem at UF, and bicycles are the main target, according to the University Police website. Though bicycle thievery is common at UF, Graham said it is probably more common for students who live off campus. A majority of the thievery happens in residents’ own backyards, he said.

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Bike News Review – 8/9/13

Federal Highway Administration Explores Separated Bikeways
Urban Velo – 8/9/13
The Federal Highway Administration has expressed a newfound interest in developing separated bikeways, aka cycle tracks. The agency, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, has circulated a task order proposal request to several contractors in an effort to launch a collaborative study on the design and safety of cycle tracks within varied settings.

Bicycle safety a two-way street
The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle – 8/8/13
The breeze, the freedom, the endorphins. The rules. Many people enjoy cycling as a way to experience the outdoors while getting their exercise, but if they do not follow the rules of the road, they may not have a body with which to cycle.

APD Hopes Bicycle Registration Will Recover Stolen Bikes
KEYE TV – 8/7/13
Now Austinites can register their bicycles, just like they register their vehicles.APD says nearly 200 bikes have been reported stolen from Downtown Austin, this year alone. More than half of people who have their bicycle stolen do not have a record of the serial number.

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