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Bike News Review – 4/21/14

Vintage bicycle exhibit rolls into Fort Wayne Museum of Art
News-Sentinel – 4/18/14
The Fort Wayne Museum of Art believes in taking an expansive view of what is “art,” and that’s why it’s opening an exhibit of vintage bicycles Saturday.

Police Bicycle Patrols Cutting Crime In Neighborhoods
CBS Chicago – 4/18/14
Bicycles aren’t just a fun way to get around this time of year, they’re also an effective crime-fighting tool, according to Chicago police. Because of that, more than a hundred officers are taking bikes for a spin in some of Chicago’s most violent areas.

Colorado county creates new bike-traffic measuring system
Bicycle Retailer – 4/18/14
Boulder County, Colo., has tweeked its vehicle traffic counters — the black tubes across traffic lanes seen across the country — to make them better able to distinguish bicycle traffic from other vehicles. The modified system, which county officials are presenting to colleagues nationally, helps the county get more affordable and more accurate figures; the data is used in part to measure how modified bike facilities on shared roads affect bike traffic levels.

Wilmington OKs pedestrian, bicycle-oriented projects
Star News – 4/18/14
The Wilmington City Council recently approved four separate pedestrian and bicycle-oriented improvement projects that will total a $1.89 million investment. Because much of the money is coming from the N.C. Department of Transportation, the city will only have to pay a fraction of the cost.


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Bike News Review – 4/15/14

Boston Doctors Can Now Prescribe You a Bike – 4/9/14
The City of Boston this week is rolling out a new program that’s whimsically known as “Prescribe-a-Bike.” Part medicine, part welfare, the initiative allows doctors at Boston Medical Center to write “prescriptions” for low-income patients to get yearlong memberships to Hubway, the city’s bike-share system, for only $5.

NICA adds high school bike racing leagues in Virginia and Alabama
Cycling News – 4/13/14
The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), a youth development organization governing interscholastic mountain biking in the United States, announced Alabama and Virginia as the newest states in its growing nationwide school cycling program, bringing the number of new leagues added in 2014 to three, and the NICA league network to 13.  NICA made the announcement at the Sea Otter Classic on Saturday.

Coatesville police restarts bicycle patrol
Daily Local News – 4/12/14
The city police department took advantage of much-welcomed warm weather Thursday by placing several additional officers on the street to conduct the “first of many” bicycle patrols that resulted in several arrests.

Who Invented the Bicycle?
Live Science – 4/10/14
You might think that an invention as simple as the bicycle would have an uncomplicated past. But as it turns out, this highly popular invention has a history fraught with controversy and misinformation. While stories about who invented the bicycle often contradict one another, there’s one thing that’s certain — the very first bicycles were nothing like the ones you see cruising down the street today.

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Bike News Review – 9/17/13

Police Enforce Bicycle Safety In Boston; 40 Citations Issued
CBS Boston – 9/12/13
A team of officers from the Boston Police, Mass. State Police, Brookline Police, BU Police and Transit Police converged on one of the most dangerous intersections for bicycles in Boston this morning to educate and enforce the laws.

Buy the Wu-Tang Clan bicycle
Consequence of Sound – 9/13/13
No doubt plenty of you have already updated your Christmas lists to include Wu-Tang Clan’s new holiday sweater, perhaps placing in between GWAR-BQ sauce and Iceage’s knife. But before you send that finalized letter off to Old Saint Nick, it’s going to need one more addition: the Wu-Tang Clan bicycle. That’s right, boys and girls, a bicycle built for Wu.

Flemington police begin bicycle patrols; ‘rapport’ cited as a primary benefit – 9/16/13
The borough Police Department has acquired four special bicycles, and they are being put to use. Patrolman Brian McNally, who has spearheaded this initiative, says that a cop on bicycle is out there with the people and they find him easier to talk with than a cop in a patrol car. Community police is all about “rapport,” said McNally.

American Martyrs School in Manhattan Beach celebrates trailblazing bicycle education program
Easy Reader News – 9/16/13
With the conclusion of the morning’s “Blessing of the Bikes” ceremony, American Martyrs, a K-8 private Catholic school in Manhattan Beach, became the first school in the South Bay to integrate a bicycle safety curriculum into regular class instruction. Tailored specifically for each grade, the curriculum, instructed by three specially certified teachers, will teach students and parents bicycle safety, road rules as well as health and environmental benefits from cycling.

Bicycle network map of Carlisle Borough available
Cumberlink – 9/16/13
Free maps of Carlisle Borough’s recently completed 13.8 mile Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Network are now available from the Cumberland Valley Visitor’s Bureau, Carlisle Police Department, the borough hall, some downtown merchants and Carlisle Parks and Recreation.


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Bike News Review – 9/4/13

Bicycle, recycle, redemption
Weld BHam – 9/3/13
We started calling it Redemptive Cycles because not only are we recycling and re-purposing bikes, but we also have redeeming quality for people looking for work. I mean, reliable transportation is that first step between unemployment and a guy getting a job and getting on his feet.

The Daily Texan’s guide to biking in Austin
The Daily Texan – 9/3/13
Whether you’re too broke for gas, too environmentally conscious to own a car or too lazy to walk to class, a bike can be useful for anyone. This stylish mode of transportation requires upkeep and niche knowledge. The Daily Texan has created a brief guide to biking around Austin just for you.

Volunteers needed for annual bicycle, pedestrian count Oct. 1 – 3
The Bellingham Herald – 9/2/13
The sixth annual survey, aided by Cascade Bicycle Club and other organizations, will count the number of people bicycling and walking on paths, bike lanes, sidewalks and other facilities Tuesday, Oct. 1, through Thursday, Oct. 3. The count will also help measure Washington’s progress toward the goal of increasing bicycling and walking while reducing the number of vehicle miles driven.

Bicycle cops making impact in Minn. city
Police One – 9/2/13
The thumping music, bright lights and crowded streets of downtown Minneapolis are reaching fever pitch at 2 a.m. on a recent Saturday when a squad of bicycle-riding police forms a neat row in the middle of Hennepin Avenue — eyes trained on a river of clubgoers.
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