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My favorite bicycle magazines

I’ve read many bicycle magazines over the past several years. Below is a list of my favorites.

Bicycle Times
This is my favoritest of all. It covers bikes ridden by real people rather than a bunch of spandex-clad racer wannabes. The bikes covered still tend to me more expensive than what I like to pay, but I’m a cheapo. They also don’t take themselves too seriously.

This is the magazine for the spandex-clad. The bikes they review are way above what the average cyclist buys. I guess it’s like the car magazines showing Ferrari’s to us Toyota owners. They do however have regular exercise and nutrition information that I find useful. I think I stay subscribed because I’m afraid of missing something.

Adventure Cyclist
This is the stuff of dreams for those of us with severe wanderlust. Stories of people roaming the country and the world on their bicycles. Unfortunately some of the stories are not so much, “wow this place is cool,” but more, “this sucks but I’m living through it so that makes me better than other people.”

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