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The bicycle lobby wants safer streets? How dare they?

Bicycle lobby to seek lower speed limit for cities in Minnesota

bicycle lobby speed, 1/19/16

The state’s bicycle lobby plans to push at the Legislature for lower speed limits on city streets.

A limit of 25 miles per hour has long been a goal for Minneapolis, St. Paul and other communities. Supporters argue a lower limit would reduce the crash danger for pedestrians and cyclists and get more people out exercising.

The present urban limit of 30 mph was cited by the League of American Bicyclists as an area needing improvement when Minneapolis recently tried unsuccessfully to upgrade its status as a bike-friendly community from gold to platinum, a status held by only five cities nationally.

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The lowering of speed limits on city streets may seem silly. After all it’s only 5mph difference. However, to pedestrians and cyclists it represents a huge decrease in the dangers cars represent. The reduction of stopping distance alone is worth the change.

The next step is to alter the traffic light timing. They did that in SF and it actually moves the traffic faster despite the lower speed.


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