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The continuing politics of cycling

politics of cyclingDidn’t some band do a song called the politics of cycling?

When the guys with the pens get involved there’s often trouble. Unfortunately you can’t get the bike lanes and paths without them. That’s the reality of the politics of cycling.

The best example this week of political meddling in the cycling universe is in South Africa where they’ve decided to further punish the poor by charging for bicycle registration and bicycle licensing. While that alone would be bureaucratic enough, nobody seems to know where all the money collected goes, or rather went.

Next, in a town called Penticton, somewhere in North America, there is a political battle over the relocation of a BMX track. Apparently the new neighbors are worried about the noise that the BMX bikes are going to make. One theory is that the difference between BMX and motocross.

Meanwhile, here in sunny California we are still dealing with the myth that the more bikes lanes there are, the more cars pollute. This theory is not as stupid as it sounds, but ignores the reality that cars cause traffic jams, not bikes.

Finally, and being a city cyclist I often forget that it’s not just the pavement pounders that have to fight for access. In Oregon the mountain bikers are having the same problem with their trails. Seriously, you’d think Oregon would have enough room for everybody.

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Cheyenne Bicycle license changes

Bicycle license repeal goes to Cheyenne City Council, 1/12/16

bicycle license

If you ride a bicycle in Cheyenne, you may be breaking the law – albeit unknowingly.

That’s because city law currently requires every bicycle operated in Cheyenne to be licensed with the city and to display a license decal issued through the city clerk’s office.

But the law hasn’t been enforced for years or even decades, though no one seems to know quite how long.

Regardless, an ordinance introduced in the Cheyenne City Council Monday night would repeal the bicycle licensing law.

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If I lived in Cheyenne I’d be running to get my bike licensed before they changed the law. Those little stickers are about to be a minor collector’s item.

Hopefully as part of this change they will educate people on options like The National Bike Registry which works to help people get their bikes back.

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