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Bike News Review – 4/23/14

New SFMTA budget a qualified win for bicycle infrastructure
SF Gate – 4/22/14
Spending on bike infrastructure plays, in debates about San Francisco’s budget, a role similar to the National Endowment for the Arts in debates about the federal budget: it is hugely and deeply important to many people, opponents like to rail against it as an outrageous extravagance, and it is, for anyone who cares to look at the actual numbers, a very tiny, tiny amount. Right now, the SFMTA spends around 1% of its budget for street and transit improvements on bike infrastructure each year. As the SF Bicycle Coalition has been pointedly reminding San Franciscans, this is less than the SFMTA spends annually on office supplies.

Bicycle replaces motor vehicle for one Fix50 commuter
Sacramento Bee – 4/22/14
Joe Small decided to ride his bike to work at Sacramento State rather than tackle his usual commute by car from Yolo County, an adjustment meant to get around the effects of the Fix50 project.

New Bicycle Trails at Heart of Transit Changes
Daily News – 4/22/14
Construction on the Hampline that connects the bike gate plaza on Overton Park’s western edge to the Tillman Street terminus of the Shelby Farms Greenline continues. But enough of the work before paving had been completed that dozens of bicyclists were able to use the first section on the other side of East Parkway Saturday in their ride to Shelby Farms Park after a victory lap around the trails in Overton Park.

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