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Bicycle infrastructure on the rise

bicycle infrastructureThere’s more to bicycle infrastructure than lanes.

In many ways bicycle infrastructure is like car infrastructure. When you get where you’re going you need someplace to park.

In Honolulu they are helping cyclists out with a bike shelter at a transit center. It looks like a left-over garden shed and you have to hunt down a security guard to open it for you, but it’s a start.

In addition to parking, and also like cars, bikes sometimes are in need of repair. Bicycles being mechanically simpler many cyclist are able to fix their own bikes. To assist in this some cities have installed fixit stations. The stations have screwdrivers, wrenches, tire levers and even an air pump.

At the extreme end of bicycle-friendliness is bike part maker SRAM’s new offices. Bikes are parked at cubicles, ridden for exercise on indoor tracks, basically bike Nirvana.

Of course the core of all this is the roads and lanes that bikes use to get from one place to another. These are mostly created and assembled in bits and pieces, but Norway is looking to make it all happen at once. They are investing a billion dollars of alleged oil money to build nation-wide bicycle highways.

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Bike News Review – 5/3/13

Five Surprising Laws About Bikes in the Bay Area
KQED – 5/3/13
On my way to KQED the other day, I pulled up next to a fellow bicyclist who shot me a quizzical glance. “Do you know whether we have to follow traffic regulations?” she asked. Umm….Yeah. I’d like to say her ignorance surprised me. But it was hardly the first time I stumbled across gross confusion about the place of bicycles on the road and in the law.

In 1897, a Bicycle Superhighway Was the Future of California Transit
Motherboard – 5/3/13
In 1897, a wealthy American businessman named Horace Dobbins began construction on a private, for-profit bicycle superhighway from Pasadena to downtown Los Angeles. It may seem like a preposterous notion now—everyone knows Angelenos don’t get out of their cars—but at the time, amidst the height of a pre-automobile worldwide cycling boom, the idea attracted the attention of some hugely powerful players.
(The pictures of the bikeway are way cool! – Tom)

Baton Rouge hosts annual conference for bicycle officers
The Daily Reveille – 5/2/13
Baton Rouge hosted the Annual International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) Conference on Thursday and Friday to improve the safety and skills of mountain bike police officers from around the country.

New bicycle-friendly state rankings released
Bicycle Retailer – 5/1/13
The League of American Bicyclists released its 2013 ranking of Bicycle Friendly States on Wednesday, coinciding with the kickoff of National Bike Month.

Urban Bike Symposium: Call for Participation
Bike Hugger – 5/3/13
There’s academics, advocates, bloggers, and cyclists. Also, a call for builders and makers to participate. On the agenda are social events and a showcase for bikes and gear for free.


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