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Cities, States Recognizing Bicycling’s Big Economic Potential

Huffington Post, 11/30/15
Tourism officials and cycling advocates sometimes refer to tourists on bicycles as “wallets on wheels.” That’s because they stay longer in a state and spend more per day than other tourists. Oregon, for example, has found that bicycle tourism contributes $400 million a year to its economy—roughly $1.1 million a day. It was the first state to create a Bike Friendly Business Program that helps businesses market to bicycle tourists.

City Council considering bicycle-safety task force

AM New York, 12/1/15
The City Council is considering the creation of a bicycle-safety task force, which would tackle issues that include cyclist-pedestrian crashes, electric motors and bicycle lanes. Legislation would require at least ten public hearings on bike safety issues around the city over two years, and include every borough.

Helsinki’s bicycle highway and other great innovations to build healthier cities

Vox, 12/2/15
Snaking through the city core, the Baana — or “fast lane” — is a converted railway track. On foot or bicycle, I could safely and easily access many key points in Helsinki without breathing in exhaust from cars or worrying about getting crushed under a truck. And if I so desired, I could even stop for a basketball or table tennis game at designated outdoor courts along the way.

Grants for Bicycle Transportation

CBS 2 Iowa, 12/5/15
Central Iowa is making a push for bicycle transportation, using a new round of grant dollars. New plans include bicycle parking spaces and lanes in central Iowa communities.

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Bike News Review – 10/1/13

PeopleForBikes distributes $80k-plus in grants
Bicycle Retailer – 9/30/13
The Community Partnership Grants required collaboration between at least one non-profit organization, one business, and one city or county agency to be considered for funding. Grant awards ranged from $5,000 to $10,000 and will support infrastructure and advocacy projects. Since 1999, the PeopleForBikes Community Grants Program has funded more than 250 projects in 49 states, with most helping build facilities like bike paths, trails, and parks.

Kolkata, India Bans Bicycles To Reduce Traffic Congestion, Terror Threats
International Business Times – 9/30/13
Cycling enthusiasts, activists, environmentalists and others have expressed their outrage over a decision by the police department in Kolkata, India to ban the use of bicycles in most thoroughfares of the teeming metropolis. Police officials claim the prohibition on bicycles was needed to thwart any potential terror attacks on the city and to relieve chronic congestion on its overcrowded streets.

Who should have to pay for bicycle facilities?
The Coloradoan – 9/29/13
Readers often comment that bicyclists should pay a fee for the “special” facilities the community provides them. They claim that motorists pay for roads through “user fees,” including fuel taxes, vehicle registration fees and tolls while bicyclists pay nothing. According to a Pew Charitable Trust study published in 2007, user fees pay for only 51 percent of our highways. In fact, most transportation costs (including parking in Old Town) are paid from general funds through income, sales and property taxes, as well as bond issues.

Granite State bicycle rules at a glance
Union Leader – 9/28/13
Bicyclists have the same rights and duties as drivers of motor vehicles, according to New Hampshire law.

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