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Bike News Review – 3/5/14

U.S. Transportation Secretary says he won’t tolerate ‘crisis’ in bicyclist deaths
Bicycle Retailer – 3/5/14
“When I was the mayor, I helped oversee the development of complete streets in the City of Charlotte, and I also saw an uptick in bicyclist and pedestrian deaths occurring in our city… I didn’t tolerate it as a mayor, and as U.S. Secretary of Transportation we certainly won’t stand still and allow this crisis to slowly build up over time. Our roads should be safe; they should be easy places to travel, no matter how we’re traveling on them.”

Bicycle Network pushes to close door on Melbourne accidents
The Age – 3/5/14
Bicycle Network grades routes by degrees: from no interaction with cars at one extreme to ”too narrow” bicycle lanes on St Kilda Road, where men were found to outnumber women three-to-one.

How a Bike Lane Comes to be, Or Why it Takes so Long to Get That Bikeway
SF Bicycle Coalition – 3/3/14
Ever wonder why it take so long to get a bikeway on the ground in San Francisco? The desperately needed bikeways on Fell and Oak Streets took ten years to get in the ground (and they’re still not complete; permanent planters will replace soft hit posts). The many year process to get a crucial safety improvement can be agonizing and requires a lot of steps.

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Bike News Review – 3/10/11

Nyquist, BMXers open Bayou City Bicycle Park
The Daily News (Galveston TX) – 3/10/13
One moment, kids were zooming around a BMX track and the next, the bikes had been ditched and the racers were lined up and craning their necks expectantly. It had been announced that Ryan Nyquist was signing autographs in a tent off to the side of the track at the grand opening of Bayou City Bicycle Park on Saturday and when a BMXer gets a chance to meet one of the sport’s all-time greats, well, riding can wait.

WDOT doesn’t count bicycle fatalities
My San Antonio – 3/10/13
“There’s no reporting threshold when it comes to bicycle crashes,” said Lt. Tom Kelly of the Jackson office of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. “It’s pretty much up to the judgment of the trooper who responds whether it’s serious enough to write a report.”

Boris reveals £900million plan for ‘Crossrail for bicycles’ with cycle route from one side of London to the other
Daily Mail (London) – 3/8/13
The Mayor of London plans to build a ‘Crossrail for the bike’ as part of an ambitious £900m plan to build a huge cycle path through the capital. The segregated route will run for more than 15 miles from the western suburbs through the heart of London to Canary Wharf and Barking.

Drive On: Volvo invents bicycle detection system
USA Today – 3/8/13
Volvo has introduced a new safety system that detects bicyclists as they bolt in front of the car and automatically applies the car’s brakes to avoid hitting them.




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