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Bike News Review – 11/26/13

League drums up support for bike safety bill
Bicycle Retailer – 11/26/13
According to Caron Whitaker, vice president of government relations for the League, the bill amends existing transportation law. It requires that the Department of Transportation set performance measures, including safety goals, to reduce fatalities of non-motorized transportation—or cyclists and pedestrians.

City plans network of winter bike routes, won’t pay for it yet
Ottawa Citizen – 11/11/13
The $200,000-a-year price tag to scrape clean an additional 16 kilometres of pavement all winter puts the city government in a Catch-22: Winter biking is difficult on snowy, slushy, icy roads, so not all that many people do it. But because not all that many people do it, it’s hard to justify the expense of making it easier.

Springfield celebrates city’s first official bicycle lanes in Sixteen Acres neighborhood
Mass Live – 11/25/13
The bicycle lane, which stretches along the picturesque Plumtree Road from Wilbraham Road to Bradley Road, is the first of what people hope will be many in the effort to transform the third-largest city in Massachusetts into a more modern, interconnected place to live.

Around the world in 14 months — on bicycle
STL Live – 11/25/13
In April 2001, Sophie Binder left St. Louis to begin a journey that would take her through 15 countries and over 14,000 miles — by bicycle. Originally from France, the designer and illustrator had moved to St. Louis a decade earlier, bringing with her a dream to travel the world at a “sketching pace.”


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