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Bikes ar not always just bikes. Some are means of income, labor savers, works of art or even sociopolitical statements.

Bicycles: Not only a way of life, a ride towards income
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) held an international no car day on September 22. People were encouraged to use the greener form of transport, bikes, to get around. In some places, the bicycle is not only a mode of transport, but also a means of earning money.
(These pictures make our cargo bikes seem pretty lame.)

Bicimaquinas – The Amazingly Useful Low-Tech Bicycle Machines of Guatemala
Cheap, eco-friendly machines, made from discarded bicycle parts and powered by pedalling, are all the rage in rural Guatemala. They’re called ‘bicimaquinas’, and they are used for various purposes in the community – right from simple food processing to making shampoos and soaps.

Bicycle Sculpture Exhibit Coming to Williamsburg Landmarks
The City of Williamsburg is preparing to host Las Bicicletas, a traveling art show that features 250 metal sculptures depicting bicycles and riders based on original drawings by Mexican artist Gilberto Aceves Navarro.

Reinventing the Wheel
Beijing’s streets are littered with skeletons. Corralled into the shadows between intermittent streetlights, or laid bare on the pyres of public refuse, they shrink from the high-beam gaze of the lumbering Audis struggling through narrow lanes. They are the remnants of a previous age: the Kingdom of the Bicycle.

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