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Bike News Review – 9/24/14

Belle Plaine Woman Dedicates Decades to Bicycle Riding
KCRG – 9/23/14
A 90-year-old Belle Plaine woman is celebrating another year with another mile. Tuesday, Alma Pech’s family celebrated her birthday with a family bike ride. Pech says she’s been riding a bike since she was 12-years-old when she had to share one bike with three brothers. She says there weren’t school buses at the time. Now, Pech rides every day for at least ten minutes, and easily rides a mile or more.

In Namibia, Locals Are Building Infrastructure on the Backs of Bicycles
Take Part – 9/21/14
Soon after, Linke founded the Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN Namibia), which facilitates the distribution of bicycles in the southern African country. BEN Namibia organizes with overseas organizations that collect secondhand bicycles and send them to Namibia in large shipping containers. Working with local community partners, it trains workers in bicycle repair and basic business skills. It also helps turn the shipping containers into bicycle and bicycle maintenance shops.

A New Bicycle Repair Station Installed On Simsbury’s Bike Trail
The Courant – 9/19/14
A bicycle repair station was installed last month on the bike path near Rotary Park on Iron Horse Boulevard. The Dero Fixit station was purchased by the police department for $1,297 and installed by the department of culture, parks and recreation on Aug. 25.


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