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Bike News Review – 2/20/14

Bay Village tuning up its bicycle laws – 2/18/14
A Bay Village City Council committee, working with bicycling enthusiasts, is putting the final touches on proposed updates to Bay’s bicycle ordinances, aiming to bring them more in line with policies statewide.

Bellingham plan would give bicycling a boost
The Bellingham Herald – 2/18/14
Bellingham already stands out as a bicycle-loving city. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau from 2008 to 2012 shows that 4 percent of Bellingham commuters travel to work by bicycle, compared to 0.9 percent statewide and 0.6 percent across the U.S. Priorities in the plan include better bicycle access to public schools and colleges, routes for low-income areas, and easy ways to get from one side of Interstate 5 to another.

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Bike News Review – 9/4/13

Bicycle, recycle, redemption
Weld BHam – 9/3/13
We started calling it Redemptive Cycles because not only are we recycling and re-purposing bikes, but we also have redeeming quality for people looking for work. I mean, reliable transportation is that first step between unemployment and a guy getting a job and getting on his feet.

The Daily Texan’s guide to biking in Austin
The Daily Texan – 9/3/13
Whether you’re too broke for gas, too environmentally conscious to own a car or too lazy to walk to class, a bike can be useful for anyone. This stylish mode of transportation requires upkeep and niche knowledge. The Daily Texan has created a brief guide to biking around Austin just for you.

Volunteers needed for annual bicycle, pedestrian count Oct. 1 – 3
The Bellingham Herald – 9/2/13
The sixth annual survey, aided by Cascade Bicycle Club and other organizations, will count the number of people bicycling and walking on paths, bike lanes, sidewalks and other facilities Tuesday, Oct. 1, through Thursday, Oct. 3. The count will also help measure Washington’s progress toward the goal of increasing bicycling and walking while reducing the number of vehicle miles driven.

Bicycle cops making impact in Minn. city
Police One – 9/2/13
The thumping music, bright lights and crowded streets of downtown Minneapolis are reaching fever pitch at 2 a.m. on a recent Saturday when a squad of bicycle-riding police forms a neat row in the middle of Hennepin Avenue — eyes trained on a river of clubgoers.
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