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Wonderfully hideous bike on eBay

meteorOh the velomity! Somewhere back in the distant past some young teen was stuck with his dad or grand dad’s old bike. He was tormented by his friends on their shiny new wheelie bikes.

So he saved his paper route money, or more likely committed petty larceny and obtained a banana seat and sissy bar for his bike, resulting in what you see here.

The overall effect is quite unpleasant and I’d hate to be the one who had to ride this. However, if I owned it I wouldn’t change a thing. This may not be a great bike but it is one hell of a social statement. A collision of old and new. Dreams of conformity and status gone wrong. The first step towards that masters degree in engineering. Whatever it’s truth, it is wonderful, and hideous.

See the full eBay listing.

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