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Bike News Review – 9/5/13

The 233-Year History of the Bicycle In One Handy Chart
Gizmodo – 9/4/13
For their latest foray into in-depth visual breakdowns, data viz wizards at PopChartLab have turned their attention to the design evolution of cycles dating back a whopping 233 years. Organized chronologically from top to bottom and color-coded by style of ride, the graphic gives a neat glimpse at how the styles have changed through the years.

Beer for your Adventure Ride
Bike Hugger – 9/4/13
We all know beer in a bottle cage isn’t going to work so well or carrying a six-pack/half rack/pony keg on your big adventure ride. Without a store nearby, what’s a beer-drinking adventure cyclist supposed to do? That’s what Pat from Backcountry Beverages thought too and out of necessity, invented a beer concentrate and bottle fizzer.

Portland’s Bicycle Revolution Started with a Lawsuit!
Huffington Post – 9/4/13
Introduced and championed by a Republican legislator from Jacksonville, Don Stathos, the “bicycle bill,” ORS366.514, actually directed state and local governments to provide safe bicycle and pedestrian facilities as part of every road project as well as requiring that at least 1 percent of state transportation funds be spent on these kind of projects every year.

The Coming Battle Over Electric Bicycles
The Atlantic Cities – 9/4/13
The electric bicycle has so far remained a novelty item in the United States, but manufacturers, retailers, and analysts say that will soon change. Fueled by soaring numbers of bike commuters and rapidly evolving battery technology, the electric bicycle is poised for a breakthrough, if it can only roll over legal obstacles and cultural prejudices.



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