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Bicycle Signals Coming to Austin

Austin bicyclists are about to get a green light that’s just for them.

Austin bike lightsOver the next couple months Austin’s Transportation Department plans to install special traffic signals at a dozen intersections. About half of them will be downtown. Crews recently completed protected bike lanes on Third Street.

“All the bicycle signals that we are installing are on routes that are major cycle routes that already have protected bike lane infrastructure,” said Nathan Wilkes of Austin Transportation Department. “The protected bike lane network is part of the ‘All Ages and Abilities Network,’ where it’s really for all ages and abilities. Anybody should be able to get out and ride a bicycle.”

Source: TWC News

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Bike Lanes, Sharing and Lane Sharing – Bike News Review – 1/30/14

Website Lets Public Weigh in On Bicycle Improvement Issues in City
Corona del Mar Today – – 1/30/14
The Draft Bikeways Network is a “key component of the master plan details the proposed bicycle network and possible improvements,” according to an email from Brad Sommers, an assistant city engineer. “As this includes a lot of information (traditionally shown on a very busy exhibit), the project team has developed an interactive website where you can view draft recommendations for bikeway facilities including off-street bikeways, on-street bike lanes, bike routes, and bike boulevards,” he wrote.

Hitting the Brakes on Bicycle Lanes
Alexandria Times – 1/30/14
The debate over bike lanes on a stretch of King Street that has roiled the Taylor Run neighborhood will roll on for several more months.

City bike share program may compete with University’s program
The Daily Texan – 1/29/14
Austin will add three new bike kiosks near campus to its bike sharing program, but the additions may conflict with an existing student-run bike-rental program. B-cycle manages the Bike Share of Austin, an Austin government-sponsored program that began in December. The program allows users to pay a day rate or buy an annual membership to rent a bike, which can be returned to any of 11 bike kiosks throughout the city.

Plan to make S.W. 14th bicycle-friendly ‘quiet street’ approved
Des Moines Register – 1/27/14
The trip between Gray’s Lake Park and Blank Park Zoo could soon get a lot more peaceful for bicyclists. Southwest 14th Street in Des Moines is set to become the state’s first designated quiet street, with lower traffic volumes and lower speed limits that make it more conducive to cycling.

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Bike News Review – 10/31/13

Provo council sends bicycle plan back to TMAC
Daily Herald – 10/30/13
After two years of gathering information, listening to noted specialists and conducting public meetings, Provo councilman Sterling Beck and the Bicycle Master Plan Steering Committee said they hoped the time was right to pass the 200-page Bicycle Master Plan. The planning commission and the Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee said not yet.

Bicycle lot approved for Formula 1 race
KVUE – 10/29/13
Travis County Commissioners are hammering out plans to get people to and from the Formula 1 race in November. They’re making accommodations for fans on two wheels instead of four.

Japan’s National Bike to Work Ban
Tokyo by Bike – 10/28/13
Strict government policies regarding employee travel insurance, and inflexible insurance company policies, have created a situation where cycling to work is effectively banned in Japan. That’s right, bureaucracy is preventing people from cycling to work in Japan.


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Bike News Review – 9/4/13

Bicycle, recycle, redemption
Weld BHam – 9/3/13
We started calling it Redemptive Cycles because not only are we recycling and re-purposing bikes, but we also have redeeming quality for people looking for work. I mean, reliable transportation is that first step between unemployment and a guy getting a job and getting on his feet.

The Daily Texan’s guide to biking in Austin
The Daily Texan – 9/3/13
Whether you’re too broke for gas, too environmentally conscious to own a car or too lazy to walk to class, a bike can be useful for anyone. This stylish mode of transportation requires upkeep and niche knowledge. The Daily Texan has created a brief guide to biking around Austin just for you.

Volunteers needed for annual bicycle, pedestrian count Oct. 1 – 3
The Bellingham Herald – 9/2/13
The sixth annual survey, aided by Cascade Bicycle Club and other organizations, will count the number of people bicycling and walking on paths, bike lanes, sidewalks and other facilities Tuesday, Oct. 1, through Thursday, Oct. 3. The count will also help measure Washington’s progress toward the goal of increasing bicycling and walking while reducing the number of vehicle miles driven.

Bicycle cops making impact in Minn. city
Police One – 9/2/13
The thumping music, bright lights and crowded streets of downtown Minneapolis are reaching fever pitch at 2 a.m. on a recent Saturday when a squad of bicycle-riding police forms a neat row in the middle of Hennepin Avenue — eyes trained on a river of clubgoers.
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Bike News Review – 8/9/13

Federal Highway Administration Explores Separated Bikeways
Urban Velo – 8/9/13
The Federal Highway Administration has expressed a newfound interest in developing separated bikeways, aka cycle tracks. The agency, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, has circulated a task order proposal request to several contractors in an effort to launch a collaborative study on the design and safety of cycle tracks within varied settings.

Bicycle safety a two-way street
The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle – 8/8/13
The breeze, the freedom, the endorphins. The rules. Many people enjoy cycling as a way to experience the outdoors while getting their exercise, but if they do not follow the rules of the road, they may not have a body with which to cycle.

APD Hopes Bicycle Registration Will Recover Stolen Bikes
KEYE TV – 8/7/13
Now Austinites can register their bicycles, just like they register their vehicles.APD says nearly 200 bikes have been reported stolen from Downtown Austin, this year alone. More than half of people who have their bicycle stolen do not have a record of the serial number.

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