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Bike News Review – 10/15/13

Davis adopts new bicycle fines after public backlash
Sacramento Bee – 10/14/13
To encourage hesitant bicycle officers to enforce road rules, the Davis City Council took a counterintuitive tack last week by voting unanimously to reduce fines for bicycle infractions immediately. The new tiered bicycle fine system imposes a less-severe $50 fee on first-time offenders.

Fight Bicycle Theft With the Open Source Bike Registry
Slashdot – 10/12/13
‘A common problem when people get their bikes stolen is that it’s like the first time the owner thinks about “What was my serial number?” and other details that are important in recovering a stolen bike,’ says Marcus Moore. If every bike shop integrated Bike Index registration at the point of sale, that would make it easy for victims of bike theft to accurately report a stolen bike, and for bike purchasers to verify that they aren’t buying stolen goods.

Urban cycling grows in South America despite trade restrictions
Bicycle Retailer – 10/11/13
Despite the upsurge in interest in cycling, Argentina has seen unit sales plummet from about 1.25 million units annually to about 750,000—a 40 percent decline. Muszkat blamed the drop on import duties that have essentially locked out foreign competitors.


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