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Bike News Review – 12/21/12

UPS delivering some holiday packages by bicycle in SLO
The Tribune – 12/21/12
For some San Luis Obispo residents, gifts from Santa may arrive by bicycle this year. UPS has dispatched two employees, on bikes, to deliver packages around the city, company spokesman Andy McGowan said. The bicyclists meet at a central collection point, where packages are loaded onto a trailer behind it. Then, they cycle to their destinations.

Salsa sponsors Fat Bike Summit
Bicycle Retailer – 12/20/12
QBP brand Salsa Cycles will be the presenting sponsor of the Fat Bike Summit and Festival Event, slated for January 25-28 in Island Park, Idaho. Organizers said the event will be “politically oriented” with a focus on gaining fat bike access to national parks and forests. The festival will include product clinics, demo rides, and races.

The Bicycle and The Mayan Apocalypse
Chicago Now – 12/20/12
To paraphrase the airlines, we know you have a lot of choices for how you will spend your last hours on earth, thank you for choosing to spend them reading this blog about bicycling. If I truly believed that the world would end tomorrow, that this was it – I wouldn’t waste a second on the Internet. I would be out riding my bike!

Non-profit speaks out on helmet confusion
Bicycle Retailer – 12/20/12
A non-profit devoted to helping injured extreme sports athletes is launching a campaign to inform BMX riders about the difference between BMX and skateboarding helmets.


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