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Bike News Review – 1/10/13

The economic argument for more bicycle parking
Alexandria Times – 1/10/13
Through the Alexandria Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, I learned that bike parking in the Union Street study is being de-emphasized. As it stands, there is little bicycle parking at the foot of King Street, so merchants might not know that they are missing out on customers who get around by bike. After all, if you aren’t getting our dollars now, how can you know that you could get them tomorrow if you add good, visible bike parking?

Bike brands creating Denver cycling hotspot
Bicycle Retailer – 1/9/13
The tenants at 7700 Cherry Creek South Drive include (in alphabetical order): Alchemy Bicycle Company/Ethic Industries (a high-end frame maker, recently relocated from Austin, Texas); Chroma Cafe (a coffee shop); Primal Wear (the cycling clothing brand); Shama Denver (a bike retail and fit business); The Pro’s Closet (an eBay seller specializing in bike gear); and Tru Fit Training (a bike training studio).

Organic Transit ELF
Bicycle Design – 1/10/13
Not all that far from where I live, a small group of people are building innovative solar/pedal powered velomobile trikes in a former furniture warehouse in downtown Durham, North Carolina. I have been meaning to discuss the Organic Transit ELF for a while now, but it is one of the many posts that I just never got around to writing. Now is as good a time as any to mention it though. They have a campaign on Kickstarter that ends in a couple of days, and the page is full of great information about the vehicles, their design and development, and how they are made (also check out the video on the page for an overview of the ELF).


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