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Bike News Review – 10/2/14

An Open Letter to Co-Workers of All Cyclists
Fat Cyclist – 10/1/14
On behalf of all of us — your cycling co-workers — I’d like to express our appreciation for you. You are, by and large, really good about looking the other way when we park our bikes in our cubicles, and when we bring food into meetings that looks like it’s designed to be consumed by astronauts. And you cheerfully put up with our goofy post-ride endorphin rushes.

America’s Worst City for Bike Thefts
PhillyMag – 9/28/14
Philly has been ranked the number one major city for bike commuting; we’ve landed on the Top Bike-Friendly Cities in America list; new bike lanes are turning up everywhere. But with this increase in bikes has come a historic high for bike theft. The thefts have been on the rise for some time, according to data provided by the police department, climbing from 1,849 in 2011 to 2,122 in 2013. We’re on track to top that this year … and that’s just with the number of bike thefts that are reported.

ALDOT director expresses ‘concerns’ about adding a bicycle/pedestrian path to the proposed I-10 Bridge – 9/29/14
A bicycle/pedestrian path on the proposed $850 million Interstate 10 Bridge creates safety concerns, could be too costly and might be impractical, the director of the Alabama Department of Transportation said Monday.

New national bicycle route to coming to Washington County
Herald Mail Media – 9/28/14
A new national bicycle route is being proposed for Washington County, adding to a growing network of nearly 6,800 miles of designated routes established across the country.

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Bike News Review – 9/21/13

New Resolution to Reduce Bike Theft in SF
SF Bike Coalition – 9/20/13
Great news for the huge and growing number of people biking in San Francisco… Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors’ Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee passed a resolution designed to cut bike theft in San Francisco in half and increase bicycle parking in the city by 33%.

Foley awarded grant to extend bicycle paths – 9/20/13
With a new federal grant of almost $335,000, city officials plan to extend bicycle and walking paths to the Graham Creek Nature Preserve in the next step to linking Mobile Bay and the Gulf beaches with trails.

NICA adds high school race league in Georgia
Bicycle Retailer – 9/19/13
NICA is expanding its high school mountain bike racing league into Georgia. The Peach State joins nine other NICA leagues — Southern California, Northern California, Colorado, Utah, Texas, New York, Minnesota, Arizona and Tennessee. NICA has 3,000 high students and 900 coaches under its program. It puts on about 50 races a year.

Two (motorised) wheels better
The Economist – 9/19/13
for all the hype over the latest rugged mountain bike, the whirr of electrically assisted wheels is clearly audible. Although electric cars have struggled to gain purchase (their sticker price is unalluring and they stop dead if not recharged), sales of cycles using batteries to augment a rider’s own efforts are growing quickly. Faster ones with more sophisticated electronic controls, a bit like those popular in China, may also be gaining ground.


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