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Long Term Review – Adventurer 6-speed folding bike

Adventurer Folding bikeI have to admit that when I bought this bike I thought I was settling for a cheap bike, but other than having to replace the very low quality tires I am nothing but pleased with the Adventurer.

It isn’t the fastest bike but it’s a great climber and surprisingly good off road. The majority of my riding lately has been on separated bike trails and this is where this the bike really shines. As I said it’s not a fast bike, but because of it’s slowness I have time to look around and see thing I might have missed if I was bombing along the trail. Also, having just the bottom bar makes it real easy to jump off for a photo opp.

Of course the main characteristic is the folding. This one folds up easy but not as compact as others. Fortunately I have a big bin in my RV, but if space is critical then this might not be the bike for you. However, if you’re looking for a relatively compact, relatively light bike for relaxed rides, this is a great bargain.

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