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Bike News Review – 10/28/14

Golden Gate Bridge District moves forward with idea of bike/ped toll
SF Bicycle Coalition – 10/24/14
The Board’s decision to further study a toll on people biking and walking is disappointing, and clearly out of step with the values of the Bay Area to promote healthy, sustainable forms of transportation. The Bay Area is a national leader in sustainability, and this decision to discourage biking and walking is a step in the wrong direction.

Bike2Power releases hub-mounted dynamo USB charger
Bicycle Times – 10/24/14
Bike2Power has released a hub-mounted dynamo that can be used on nearly any existing bike, has a built-in light, and can charge USB devices. Unlike some similar devices that require a dedicated dynamo hub, the BikeCharge Dynamo can be installed on almost any front or rear wheel and the lights can be set to high, low or blinking modes.

New expanded bicycle racks to appear on RTS buses in Nov
Florida Alligator – 10/23/14
As the grand opening of its new facility nears, Gainesville Regional Transit System is one step closer to incorporating new bicycle racks on each of its buses. The RTS Bus Fleet Maintenance & Operations Facility will open Nov. 20 with more space and improved buses, which will be accompanied by bike racks that could fit three bikes at a time, said Chip Skinner, RTS spokesman.

Fowler Museum to present photos of duo’s 1891 bicycle trip from Greece to Uzbekistan
UCLA Newsroom – 10/21/14
In the summer of 1890, two young Americans, William Sachtleben and Thomas Allen Jr., set off to circle the globe on new-fangled ‘safety’ bicycles. Three years later, after pedaling some 18,000 miles across three continents, their harrowing tales of adventure made them international celebrities. Their timely championing of the bicycle helped spark the great bike boom of the mid-1890s, which transformed cycling from an elitist, male-dominated pastime into a wildly popular means of recreation and transportation for all. Along the way, Sachtleben and Allen chronicled their adventures with two novel compact Kodak film cameras, heralding a new “democratic” era for photography, as well.


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