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Chicago stepping up enforcement of cars blocking bike lanes

No more blocking bike lanes in Chicago

blocking bike lanes

Photo by citymaus

The city has stepped up efforts to deter cars from blocking bike lanes. Cyclists say that blocked lanes force them to merge with vehicular traffic, putting them more at risk.

Obstructed bike lanes have become a daily encounter for cyclists and create a safety hazard. This year, the city is stepping up its enforcement efforts to deter motorists from blocking the lanes. They are adding bike routes to the daily patrol maps for parking enforcement aides. Additionally, the department is examining 311 complaints to better send aides to where the issue persists.


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German parliament reviews bicycle turn laws
bicycle turn laws

Right on red included in German bicycle turn laws.

The Federal Ministry of Transport will review whether to give cyclists the green light to turn right on red at certain intersections. Pilot projects have already been planned in several German cities.

The review is in response to a request from the Green Party.  Currently, cyclists are legally required to wait for the light to change to green. Should they decide to turn on red, they face a fine of at least 60 euro ($63). Not to mention  the wrath of angry observers.

Source: DW.COM

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Ultimate Hipster Nerd Bike on eBay

How is this not a nerd bike?

nerd bikeI mostly know it’s a nerd bike because I’m a nerd, and I really want this bike. A hefty dose of nostalgic futurism and the practicality of a break-down bike.

Break-down bikes are like folding bikes that don’t fold. They break-down into smaller pieces. My wife has an electric scooter that follows this principle. It makes it easier to store. Even a folded folding bike is a pretty hefty chunk of metal to store.

The problem with this is, what happens if one of the taken-apart parts is misplaced? No more foldy riding for you.

The other issue seems to be the wear-and-tear of constantly assembling and unassembling the bike may cause.

None of those issue can make this bike any less stupid cool.

Look at this on eBay

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Bicycle superhighway along I-40

The bicycle superhighway is the bicycle commuter’s dream

bicycle highway photo

Photo by Mulad

Imagine the bicycle superhighway. Do you commute along Interstate 40 in Wake County? If so, Commissioner Sig Hutchinson wants you to imagine yourself there now. Imagine the skin-of-your-teeth merges, the swaying 18-wheelers, the stop-and-go monotony of rush hour.

“Now imagine sitting in traffic and watching bikes fly by you,” he said. “People who’ll be home playing with their kids before you get off the interstate.”

A recent push from Hutchinson for a bikeway along the north side of I-40 in western Wake County could bring this scenario closer to reality. The concept is known as the Triangle Bikeway. It would allow cyclists to travel unimpeded for about five miles between Trenton Road in West Raleigh and Airport Boulevard in northwest Morrisville.

Source: newsobserver

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Wanted: businesses to sponsor Norfolk’s bike share

Norfolk is considering sponsorships to support the proposed bike share program.

bike share photo

The city expects to have 10 bike share stations with 50 bikes ready for public rental by this summer. This, according to the city’s alternative transportation manager, Paul Fillion.

Fillion presented to a Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization committee this week about the city’s bike efforts.

“We didn’t want city funds involved in operating or securing the bike share,” Fillion said. “The intent is for this to be 100 percent sponsor-funded. Then we can go to council and say, ‘We have sponsorships, we have the vendor, let’s go.’ ”

The launch date for the program is dependent on filling those sponsorships. In addition to city council and staff approval.

Source: Virginian-Pilot

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