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Is This the Bike Race That Will Save American Pro Cycling?
bike race

New Colorado Classic bike race is heavy on festivals and fan-centric fun

The Colorado Classic bike race, which will be held August 10 to 13, is a UCI 2.HC event. Just one step below the top WorldTour level. More importantly, it represents a significant shift from the classic model of stage races. First, it’s not point-to-point. Instead, stages for men’s and women’s fields will be circuit-style. A more audience-friendly format. It also centers on the Front Range’s largest two cities: Denver and Colorado Springs (with a trip to ski-resort town Breckenridge).
But the race itself won’t be the only thing drawing in fans. In conjunction with the weekend stages, organizers announced a festival format called Velorama Colorado. Held around the start/finish area in Denver’s emerging River North neighborhood. Velorama will feature beer gardens, food, an expo and marketplace, and concerts by headliners, including popular alt-rock bands Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie.

Source: Bicycling

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Mapping the Urban Bicycle Mania of the 1890s
bicycle mania - map

Bicycle mania swept the nation at the end of the 19th century.

The maps in this post come from an earlier time when bicycle mania swept the nation: the 1890s. The bicycle as we know it—with two wheels of equal size, among other features—had just been invented. “Bikes really took off in cities because they provided the first affordable private transportation,” says Evan Friss, an urban historian at James Madison University. “Horses were expensive, and cars, by and large, didn’t exist yet.”

Then as now, bicycle advocates pushed for road improvements, and for dedicated lanes and paths for bike traffic. Local cycling clubs sprang up around the country (Manhattan alone had more than 50), and in 1897, the League of American Wheelmen boasted more than 100,000 members.


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Put a Bell on Your Bicycle
bicycle bell

There are few things dorkier than putting a bell on your bicycle.

Once you do that, it can only lead downhill into a world of helmet mirrors, handlebar tassels, and high visibility ankle bands. But you should put a bell on your bicycle. It makes life easier for you and everyone around you.

It is universally uncool for any cyclist outside an eight-year old on a Huffy to have a bell on their bicycle. It is somehow better for a cyclist to yell “on your left,” “behind you,” or nothing at all as they zoom past pedestrians, hikers, dog walkers, baby strollers, or horrible drivers.

Source: Lifehacker

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2017 Tour of California routes
tour of california

Mt. Hamilton will join previously announced Mt. Baldy

Establishing the GC pecking order early After the Tour of California World Tour race starts with an opening stage in Sacramento. A flat course that will lend itself to a field sprint. The men will tackle a second stage that could provide the general classification contenders with their first opportunity to show off their form.

The women’s race, which is once again on the Women’s World Tour, will start in South Lake Tahoe. With two stages that will go a long way to establishing the final general classification.


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Bluegogo Warned Not To Drop Bikes On SF Streets
Bluegogo share bikes

Bluegogo isn’t getting the welcome it may have hoped for.

Chinese bike-sharing startup Bluegogo may have to backpedal on its plans to expand to San Francisco. City officials are warning the company not to proceed without permits. And perhaps to the detriment of infrastructure and in violation of local law.

Bluegogo is expanding aggressively with more than 100,000 bikes in four cities. It plans to make San Francisco its next conquest. In total, Bluegogo says it hopes to add 200,000 bikes to American cities this year.

Source: SFist

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