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Bicycle superhighway along I-40

The bicycle superhighway is the bicycle commuter’s dream

bicycle highway photo

Photo by Mulad

Imagine the bicycle superhighway. Do you commute along Interstate 40 in Wake County? If so, Commissioner Sig Hutchinson wants you to imagine yourself there now. Imagine the skin-of-your-teeth merges, the swaying 18-wheelers, the stop-and-go monotony of rush hour.

“Now imagine sitting in traffic and watching bikes fly by you,” he said. “People who’ll be home playing with their kids before you get off the interstate.”

A recent push from Hutchinson for a bikeway along the north side of I-40 in western Wake County could bring this scenario closer to reality. The concept is known as the Triangle Bikeway. It would allow cyclists to travel unimpeded for about five miles between Trenton Road in West Raleigh and Airport Boulevard in northwest Morrisville.

Source: newsobserver

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