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Clown bike in box on eBay

I posted a clown bike before, but not in a box

clown bikeWhile not officially called a clown bike, I find no other appropriate name. These things are actually rideable. I’ve seen it done. Though that person was barely over 100 pounds, and was in fact a clown.

The box reveals some wonderful new details. It’s made in Taiwan. That generally means it is not of the worst quality. The quick-release seat post and adjustable handlebars needed no explanation.

Then you see the phrase, “Equiped with band brake.” What that means is when you pull on the brake lever, a hunk of metal is pressed down against the rear tire. On any other type of bike I would fear for the safety of the rider. But seriously, how fast can this thing go?

Finally, my favorite part:

“Meets U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations for bicycles.”

Yes folks, it really is a bicycle. The government says so.

No bids yet with an opener of $19.99. Local pickup only. It’s in Anaheim, CA. That’s only 300 miles from here. How can I convince the wife we need to take a road trip to Anaheim?

Look at this on eBay

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