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California State Bike and Ped Plan in online

Ped Plan draft is available for review.

Caltrans is working with a diverse group of stakeholders and the public to develop a bike and ped plan. It will guide the planning and development of non-motorized transportation facilities. It will also maximize the use of future investments on the State Highway System and other state facilities.

The plan will also lead to improved connections between the State’s bicycle and pedestrian facilities with the network of local and regional roads, public transit, and intercity and passenger rail. The Plan will not replace existing policies and implementation plans at the regional and local levels.

The elements of the Plan include:

  • Evaluation of existing policies, programs, and guidance provided by Caltrans for active transportation modes.
  • Development of a vision, goals, and objectives to guide Caltrans’ efforts for active transportation.  Goals offer high-level vision, while objectives are more specific statements pertaining to each goal that define how results will be achieved.  This effort will build on Caltrans’ existing goals established in the California Transportation Plan.
  • Development of performance measures to evaluate the success of Caltrans’ policies and investments.
  • Identification of the most promising strategies to meet the goals and objectives established by the plan.
  • Public outreach and engagement that allows Caltrans to understand community walking and bicycling needs.
  • Beginning development of statewide bicycle map.

Public Hearings

The website also includes dates and times for public hearings in San Jose, Fresno, Santa Ana and online.

More info at the CSBBP website

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