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Dangermobile on eBay

La La Bike, aka Dangermobile, is about as scary as it gets.

Dangermobile, aka La La BikeThis bike is the poster child for product liability lawsuits. It ignores the laws of physics, human anatomy and inner ear functionality. I have dubbed it the Dangermobile and I seriously want one.

Issue 1: steering

You steer with your foot!?! Which means that you are twisting your leg back and forth. This will not help maintain balance. Also, feet don’t pivot both ways equally. You won’t be able to change directions evenly.

Issue 2: Propulsion

Each wheel has a recoil string which you activate by pulling on the handles. Kind of like starting a lawn mower. In my case that means the left wheel would be going faster than the right. You basically have to flap your arms like a bird to keep the thing moving.

Issue 3: Center of gravity

You’re standing on this thing that is constantly darting back and forth. Your only solid connection are ropes on springs. Your center of gravity is three to four feet above the bike. You’re just not going to fall, you’re going to fall hard.


I want one! The current bid is only $12cdn. Unfortunately this shipping is more than having this joke of a vehicle is worth. Take a look at the listing. The pictures of the “bike” in use are frightening.

Look at this on eBay

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