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Columbia Nostalgiamatic on eBay

My first bike was a Columbia.

Columbia bikeIt was a green Columbia muscle bike from the 60’s. I immediately pulled those girly streamers out of the hand grips. Two weeks later the training wheel were gone. Too soon I moved on to the lure of the multi-geared siren’s song.

All that has nothing to do with the bike on eBay. At my age I’m allowed the occasional nostalgic sidetrack. Which is fitting because this bike is now at the top of my vintage bike lust list.

It’s loaded with yummy parts. The wooden hand grips aren’t a functional match for rubber ones. Just imagine though, how many hands have smoothed down those grips? How many many miles of joy have they shared?

My favorite thing about this bike is the words “Sports Tourist” in wonderfully fancy script on the down tube. The pretense raises this bike above other of it’s kind. It’s no ordinary around town bike, it’s a Sports Tourist.

The thing I like least about this bike is that I have a Columbia frame of similar vintage that has been sitting there unworked for many months. I guess I have no right to lust after a bike I could build myself if I got off my lazy ass.

I should also mention that I love background chosen for this picture. This crispy leaves are a perfect medium for the bike. I want to throw on a wind breaker, grab those wooden grips and ride.

Meanwhile, back in reality, the opening bid is $249. That seems a bit high to my practical self, but a bargain to my inner nostalgiamaniac.

Look at this on eBay

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