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IKEA’s new $400 flat-pack city bike
IKEA bike

IKEA will start selling the Sladda bike in February.

Priced at just $399 for those in the “IKEA Family” and $499 for the rest of us. A host of accessories will also be available. Including a bike trailer ($129/$169), front cargo rack ($25/$35), and rear pannier ($29/$39). The bike itself will come with a 25-year limited warranty on the frame and 10-year limited warranty on the belt drive.

But why would a home furnishings mega-retailer make a move into the transportation and mobility space? Well, for starters, for a company that seems to sit at the core of everything in the modern city style sector. Offering a practical, affordable, and clean personal transportation option to its customers seems like a natural fit. As the Sladda is yet another flat-pack item, and a slim one at that. The bikes can be packed into the company’s shipping containers as an extra layer, which makes for incredibly cheap and efficient transport to market.

Source: TreeHugger

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