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Severe recumbent bike on eBay
recumbent bike

If Batman owned a recumbent bike.

This recumbent bike is a cross between the Batmobile and the Green Machine tricycle of my youth. Unfortunately its toy-like appearance may be disguising a pretty good bike.

The bike was built in the 70’s. Perhaps as the bike of the future.While the seat looks really cool and is probably comfortable the rest is just so…goofy. The design appears to what a 6th grader thinks of as aerodynamic.

The other problem is the material of the body. If it’s metal it will be way too heavy. If it’s plastic, way too flimsy. Seriously, if I bought this thing I would just rip the body off. Unless it’s a collector item. Though judging by the low bids I would guess not. Perhaps it could find it’s purpose as a prop in a kid’s science fiction movie.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. After all I know that one day I will have to trade in two wheels for three. When that happens I want something with some personality. Getting up out of this thing might be a bit too much for a seventy-something me.

And as usual it’s on the other side of the country and is local pickup only.

Look at this on eBay

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