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Modern rickshaw on eBay

Rickshaw with cargo/passenger carrier

rickshaw bikeAt first look this rickshaw looks like a cargo bike with a seat back tacked on. Though if you look at all the pictures you will see that it has a flip-up seat cushion and foot holes in the floor. It’s kind of like the third row seat in Dad’s old Impala wagon.

And of course; Rod Brakes! Regular readers will know I have an unhealthy love of rod brakes. I think it might harken back to the first time I drove a big truck. It was a 40-something Chevy with mechanical brakes. I was 14 and had to lift myself out of the seat to put all weight on the pedal.

Also way cool is the front-left corner of the cargo area opens like a door for easy access.

The only real problem I see is that the solid metal construction and fancy features would put the weight well north of 50 pounds. That weight, plus cargo and passenger would require someone with Popeye legs.

So is this rickshaw worth the opening bid of $299? Probably, but as usual it would have been better if the seller started lower. My daughter would love to ride in this but it’s local pickup only in North Carolina.

Look at this on eBay

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