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Alfa Centauri on eBay
alfa centauri bike

This Alfa Centauri bike actually is “Super Rare.”

eBay sellers use the word rare rather liberally. The seller of this old Alfa Centauri bike is justified using the term. I have never seen one before and a quick search on the internet revealed little. There are plenty of links and pictures but they all point back to one guy’s collection web site.

A couple alleged experts claim that the bike was built in the 80’s. I have no reason not to believe them. The styling is sort of new wavey futuristic. I keep picturing Nina Hagen sitting on it. All the parts that are identifiable are Germanic so it’s probably of European origin.

The obvious question though; What is up with that spring? While adding some bounce to smooth out the ride is a nice idea, is this the way to do it. Judging from the absence of any other bike ever using this arrangement, I would guess not. For those of us who aren’t serious enough cyclists to shave our legs, those coils look pinchy.

So this is a super rare bike in great condition, but why then are there no bids? The seller made a few mistakes. First, the opening bid is way too high. The seller mentions a similar bike selling for $1200, but doesn’t say if it was a live or online auction. That make a big difference. I’m not saying the bike isn’t worth the $475 opening bid, but that’s more than most people will bet on a bike with no documented history.

The other problem with the listing is the seller added a paragraph at the end containing the names of 23 other bike brands. That means this bike will show up in searches for those other bikes. That pisses people off.

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