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USA Cycling Pro Road Tour 2017

The good and bad of next year’s Pro Road Tour

Pro Road TourThe best news about next year’s Pro Road Tour is that most of my complaints about this year’s tour were addressed. Of course I doubt that my voice had any sway but it shows that I wasn’t alone in mindset.

What they have done is eliminate overlapping events which makes it either for teams and especially easier for us fans to follow what’s going on. It’s much more likely that all the teams and riders I watch will be at each event. That’s a good thing.

The series is also moving some dates to cut down on travel costs for the teams. That’s also a good thing. These are not the bank bank-rolled World Tour Teams. I doubt that any rider is buying a Bently with their continental team salary.

Speaking of World Tour Teams, I got another rough lesson in the oddities and castes of UCI bike racing. I was so excited when the Tour of California was bumped up to the World Tour. What I didn’t know though, that now all my favorite teams are excluded from the event. That is not good.

All is not lost though. I’m sure that the Tour of California will still be a great race and it’s great that the women’s event is getting its own days. For the American continental teams I’ll just move my focus forward a few days to the Redland CA Classic.

Ah well, you can’t have everything. As Steven Wright says, “Where would you put it?”

So what does all this mean for you my faithful followers. I’m finalizing my plans for covering 2017 bike racing that doesn’t get followed by most media. I’m planning on starting with the Pro Road Tour and expanding to other series if timeĀ  and interest allow.

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