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Grown-up bike on eBay

What you used to ride when you were a grown-up.

grown-up bikeWhen I was a kid this was my idea of a grown-up bike. I swore I would never own such a bike. I never did, but the wisdom of aging has perhaps shown me my foolishness.

Seriously, I thought, why would anyone need three speeds? My bike only had one and I got around fine. On the other hand, if you were a racer, you had ten speeds. What good was it to have just three?

The other problem was abusability. That spindly thing would never make it through the path in the woods. One jump off the little cliff and those thin little wheels would be toast. Hell, just try doing a wheelie on that thing.

These are the things that were important to me when I was young. However, like my promise to myself never to own a four-door car, tastes change. Now I look at this bike and think that it would be great for a nice leisurely ride in the park.

Oh my God! I’ve become a grown-up.

Like most old bikes this Indian won’t keep up performance-wise with modern bikes but would be way cooler to ride. Any sense of hurry would quickly melt and after a couple miles you would be in dog getting its belly scratched happiness mode.

Before that ride though there is work to be done. The pictures show bits of corrosion throughout. I would have to do a complete tear-down, clean, lube and rebuild before I would trust it on a ride. But really, that’s half the fun owning a bike like this.

Unfortunately I will never own this bike. While it’s opening bid of $99 is more than fair, its location in Duluth and the cost of shipping from there puts it out of my range.

Look at this on eBay

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