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Broke Down Bike on eBay

This broke down bike may be one of a kind.

broke down bikeThe seller claims to have been unable to find another like this broke down bike. I wouldn’t bet against it. While it’s obviously a frankenbike, my impression is of something I wish the bike companies really had made.

The frame looks quite similar to a Sears folding bike that my family used to own. The break-down frame was a simpler, and lighter, alternative to the folding bike.

The seat color wonderfully compliments the frame color but those handlebars do not go with that seat. Folding bikes, and I’m assuming break-down bikes, have rather straight bars to make storage easier.

The white-wall tires go wonderfully with the stripes on the seat, though the yellowing of age has made them closer to the handlebar grips.

The only thing that looks out of place is the length of the frame. Most kids would have to sit on the front tip of the seat to reach the bars. This may indicate that the bike was built with an adult in mind. Perhaps the very adult who built it.

The seller assumes that the bike is a Schwinn because of markings on the pedals. The pedals and cranks may be the only Schwinn parts but you’ve got to start somewhere. I wish I had the spare time to research the source of that frame.

I love bikes that have a story waiting to be uncovered. A collection of parts coming together to form a perfect mechanical moment. A gestalt of imagination, bicycle flotsam and some simple tools. The zen of recycling and renewal.

I wonder if there’s such a thing as bicycle archeology? Maybe that’s what I can do with my retirement. If I ever get a job to retire from.

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