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Bike Sign Silliness

A new low in the land of bike sign silliness.

bike sign sillinessThe people of Palos Verdes Estates have achieved a new level of silliness, if not outright stupidity. Their example is just the latest in the parade of arguments over the trappings of bicycle safety.

Bike lanes are described as eyesores, yet the markings for car lanes are not. Signs that every cyclist understands without explanation are confusing alien markings to motorists. These symbols of cycling are seen by motorists as an invasion of the territory they like to pretend they own.

What ticks me off about this case is that is about the seemingly uncontroversial signs stating that “Bicycles may use full lane.” No, they aren’t changing the law to allow bikes to use the full lane, that’s already the law. The purpose of the signs are to inform motorists of the bike’s rights. How can there be an argument?

Well it’s the usual, “bikes don’t follow the rules anyway.” So since some cyclists break the rules it’s OK to bully all cyclists with your two tons of steel.

The mayor had another argument. “This problem has been going on for years, so I don’t think that it is something that we want to hurry with a very quick solution.” This attitude always baffles me. Since this won’t solve all possible bike safety problems, we shouldn’t do it. That’s idiotic.

The next argument is no better. Since the surrounding towns don’t have such signs it would “undermine consistency.” Because it would be horrible if one town was safer than its neighbors.

All of this might not seem so silly if they were talking about changing a law, but they are not. They are talking about posting signs to explain the law to people who are ignorant of that law. How is this not a slam dunk?

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