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Sears made a pretty bike

Shiny Sears bikeSears wasn’t always the lowest common denominator.

Sears is the first of the big box stores but apparently that hasn’t always meant crappy bikes. This silver beauty by and/or for Sears and has a pile of wonderful features.

The first thing I noticed was the reflector built into the chain ring. It’s so space-aged nostalgia. Following that feel is the gloriously streamlined chain guard, speed holes included.

Then there’s the beautiful arcing frame tubes. I’m sure that’s not the cheapest way to build a frame. The time alone needed to weld them into place would jack the cost way up.

Another style-first feature is the rear rack. Rather than having a hunk of formed steel bolted on the back, the rack follows the frame theme of thin tubes with the substance of the rack hung between them. And those tubes are no just-functional jobs either. They form a wonderful wire frame homage to the car fins of the 50’s.

This is the kind of bike that I immediately want but in reality would never buy. I am just not the polished chrome kind of bike owner. This is a slow ride king kind of bike. To be ridden with attitude and pride showing off before throngs of admirers. This attention comes at a price.

Like a long-haired dog or a young trophy spouse this thing will require lots of upkeep. Prepare for hours of polishing and fretting over every water, dust and rust spot. If you don’t wash and dry it after every ride it will quickly fade from silver to grey.

If you are a fan of old bikes do yourself a favor and look at the several pictures in the eBay listing. Like a trip to a virtual museum.

Look at this on eBay

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