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Paincycle on eBay

It could have no other name but paincycle.

paincycle mountain bikeThe paincycle will burn your knees. Its drive belt will slice open your left leg. It will melt your spandex, fusing it to your skin. It will make you the target of bike snobbery. The paincycle will put your eye out.

I must say that normally I love these home-motorized bikes. The combination of creativity, technical wizardry and fearlessness always impress me. This bike though proves that there is a limit which I will not cross. (Sorry, I just watched ENTER THE DRAGON.)

Never have I seen such a clash of superior workmanship and a complete lack of knowledge of physics and common sense. This is the bicycle equivalent of sitting on a bean bag chair full of badgers. The center of gravity alone is nightmare inducing. The engine and most of the rider’s weight is placed above the top of the wheels. The slightest slip and the bike won’t just fall down it will flip quickly right over.

I for one would not want that many spinning parts operating so close to me genitals. It’s not shown in this picture but if you look at the others in the posting you will that the drive belt goes between the frame and your left leg, twice.

Oh yeah, where does the exhaust come out? It appears that it comes out the exhaust port on the engine. I would suggest an exhaust pipe but where would you put it?

The opening bid is $750 and this is at least the third time it’s been listed. This is one of those occasions where the parts and labor are worth way more than the finished project.

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