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Swiss Army Bike on eBay

The Swiss Army Bike is vintage bike Nirvana

Swiss Army BikeOutside of a really nice touring bike this is my dream bike. Like a Swiss Army knife, it has all the cool tools and accessories.

Of course I love any bike with rod brakes. It’s almost a fetish of mine. Perhaps I would love them less if I ever had to rely on them downhill in the rain. Until then, I consider them an essential item of vintageness.

The generator-powered front light, the pump, the bag, the spring-loaded seat and the chain ring would be enough to stir my lust but when I saw the closeup of the coaster brake arm I fell in love.

Instead a plain hunk of dark scrap metal, this one is a shiny sculpted thing with the word Torpedo and a cool little logo on it. Gorgeous.

I also love the severely full coverage fenders. It’s not often you see fenders go below the hub line.

Then there is the cruel joke that fortune is playing on me. The current bid is $2.25. That’s less than a single bus ride here in San Francisco. Of course the reserve is not met. I know that the price will go up but the dreamy part of my brain is trying to convince me that maybe this will be the bike that doesn’t go for way more than I could ever afford.

So as long as you don’t plan on bidding yourself, take a look at the full listing and enjoy.

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